With biopics and documentaries being in vogue lately, the upcoming Amy Winehouse movie hops onto the trend. Titled ‘Back to Black‘, the movie is named after the late singer’s chartbuster by the same name. A biopic based on the life and career of the legendary British singer who died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011, in London.

Amy Winehouse.
Late singer, Amy Winehouse performing at an event.

Currently, in its initial stages, the cast for the documentary is yet to be confirmed. The biopic, as suggested by the makers intends to hire new faces for the role(s). Reports suggest, that Marisa Abela, of HBO and BBC drama Industry fame, is a frontrunner to play Winehouse. Sources believe Abela is in talks with the production team. However, her role is not yet confirmed with a few other actors vying for the role.

An Amy Winehouse biopic no one asked for.

Back to Black is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, of 2009’s Nowhere Boy fame. The script for the movie is written by Matt Greenhalgh. The script as aforementioned has been circulating for some time, with casting being underway. The film is believed to be a passion project for Taylor-Johnson, who was a close friend of Winehouse’s. Amy had produced two albums, Frank and Back to Black, the latter of which earned her six Grammy awards and shot her to legendary pop culture status.

Marisa Abela
Actress Marisa Abela (in pic) is rumored to be the frontrunner for playing ‘Amy’ in the upcoming biopic.

A controversial death is not very uncommon among celebrities. More so, for singers, artists, and likewise. Every such instance garners a lot of media attention, remains the talk of the town for months to come, and eventually fades away from people’s minds. Only to be brought back after years, oftentimes in remembrance of the stars but many times, simply as means to churn out money out of fans. The latter according to fans seems to be the case, with this upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic. With Amy Winehouse movies already teased and made in the past, namely 2015’s Oscar-winning Amy, 2018’s Kinky Boots, and 2021’s Saving Amy and Reclaiming Amy. The other two had set off for development but did not come to fruition. Fans argue whether there is a need for another biopic about the late singer.

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When will the ‘Back to Black’ hit the theaters?

Despite fans’ disapproval and disinterest, the biopic has been greenlit by Mitch Winehouse, the late singer’s father. Portrayed in a negative role in 2021’s Saving Amy, the late singer’s father also participated in the 2021 BBC documentary “Reclaiming Amy,” which marked the 10th anniversary of the legendary singer’s passing away.

Amy. Movie poster
Official poster, of 2015’s Oscar-winning ‘Amy.’

With a few movies (aforementioned) that have not made it past development, there is a new candidate Back to Black that might make it into theaters. With Amy’s father in support of the biopic, backed by a strong team, the movie regardless of the fans’ reaction to its announcement might make for a good watch.

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Source: Variety

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