Things just got out of hand, Marvel fans. It is finally catching up to us. For years, the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have made fun of the DC Extended Universe and its heroes. And with good reason. There’s incoherent story arcs, bad planning, pointless characters, and most important of all – lackluster CGI. If you take away the Snyder movies (have to admit the CGI in Snyderverse is a thing of beauty), the bad CGI problem in DC movies is GLARING to say the least. 2017’s Justice League and 2016’s Suicide Squad are often cited as examples. But after the She-Hulk trailer, the bad CGI issue is no longer a one studio game. She-Hulk has made every Marvel fan’s worst fear come true – Bad CGI has finally crept up into the MCU.

She-Hulk Trailer Faced A Barrage Of Criticism Online

She-Hulk Trailer - Bad CGI
Bad CGI in She-Hulk Trailer

The She-Hulk trailer came a while ago and quickly became the talk of the town. And for all the wrong reasons. Fans blasted Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters. Marvel’s evergreen beauty did not come out well in live action. The trailer drew rampantly rengative fan reactions all over the globe. Some complained about the musculature while others claimed the story made She-Hulk way too light-hearted than it was supposed to be.

These are some epic She-Hulk fan reactions:

But the the trailer’s true talking points were not even the bad muscles or the sassy tone of the show. It was something that Marvel fans thought only DC movies are guilty of.

She-Hulk Trailer Has Fans Convinced Marvel Now Faces A Bad CGI Problem

She-Hulk - Jennifer Walters - Tatiana Maslany
She-Hulk – Jennifer Walters – Tatiana Maslany

Unlike the Hulk and Bruce Banner, She-Hulk has total control of her jade giantess form. She can hulk out and have no problem going about her merry way without throwing a city major temper tantrum. The trailer with tatiana Maslany in her human Jennifer Walters from looks good enough. But it is only when she gains her powers and becomes She-Hulk that the fans think the MCu could have used a little bit more effort there.

She Hulk Meme
Are you Team Fiona or Team She-Hulk?

The She-Hulk we see in the trailer looks clumsy and badly rendered. That insanely drastic green tinge has Marvel fans convinced that the She-Hulk took some major notes from Fiona of the Shrek movies. Fans are asking why these effects look so dicey. And Marvel has no answer at the moment.

These fans are not pleased and have been pretty vocal about the bad CGI in She-Hulk:

One marvel fan even went as far as to say the CGI in She-Hulk and Moon Knight looked worse than the infamous Black Panther fight scene:

This Is Not The First Time MCU Has Been Slammed With Bad CGI Comments

Doctor Strange - Third Eye CGI
Doctor Strange – Third Eye CGI Was Equally Bad & Shows A Pattern

If you have seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you are probably already guessing where we are going with this. In the movie, we get to see a Doctor Strange variant called Sinister Strange. He has used the Darkhold and let it corrupt his being. The corruption has led him to grow a third eye on his forehead. Fans have been relentless in remarking how the Third Eye CGI looks half baked and incomplete. In infinity War, the visual effects that masked Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster armor also look very badly done.

Jennifer Walters - MCU
Jennifer Walters – MCU

Marvel is clearly facing a Bad CGI issue which probably stems from them stretching their lines too thin. When you have such a vast lore and universe to explore and make stories out of, creative liberties are a necessary evil. But we never truly estimated that the Bad CGI problem with She-Hulk was so dire. Does this mean future Marvel shows and movies will also face the same issues?

Henry Cavill - Superman in Justice League (2017)
Henry Cavill – Superman in Justice League (2017)

All this while, we trolled DC fans for #MustacheGate. Is it time for Marvel’s bad CGI eggs to hatch?

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