Coming out of the closet is never a smooth road, especially for a celebrity. The rapper Lil Nas X got thrashed by the fans as they called him ‘Phony Gay’. The Old Town Road artist slams down the comments with a witty tweet reply. On 17th March, a Twitter fan account posted a tweet of Nas with the caption, “I feel like he’s not really gay or not really that feminine it’s so forced.”. The Montero artist replied to it with, “Oh no guys it’s the estrogen expert.”

Lil Nas X
Rapper, Lil Nas X

Even, The Rapper Saweetie liked the original tweet but when asked about it she said that she liked with without knowing the context. The My Type artist removed the like later.

Lil Nas X simps on Michael Bublé

Recently on the James Corden Carpool Karaoke, Nas revealed that he used to be on Raya, a VIP dating app. However, He does not prefer dating celebrities. According to him, Love is around the corner. When The Industry Baby artist mentioned that a couple of his past dates has already been on Corden’s show. When Corden asked whether it was Michael Bublé, Nas jokingly replied, “I won’t tell you… Michael Bublé?! … No doubt, definitely. You got me. Might you at any point envision? Michael Bublé is gay?… He’s hot and he has an amazing voice.”

Lil Nas X with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke

In this very show, Nas discusses his involvement in dating as a superstar. He also revealed that he has met many well-known folks through Raya, the dating app. He said, “I think I’ve come to realize that I could do without dating celebrities.”

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Lil Nas X’s reply to the ‘Forced Gayness’ Tweet

When The Panini artist laid his eyes on the tweet which said that he looked “Constrained”, he made sure to reply with wit. One person who certainly saw the funny side of the bit was Bublé himself. The legend retweeted the clip from The Late Late Show. Although, the original tweet’s caption mentioned that “@lilnasx isn’t dating @michaelbuble,” the crooner made sure to keep the joke alive. “Clearly out of my league,” he wrote in response.

Rapper Lil Nas X at the Red Carpet
Rapper Lil Nas X at the Red Carpet

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The Montero Artist defends himself against online skepticism

When a tweet threw allegations on Nas for being a fake gay just for the dough, the Rapper replied in a jest. He said, “Do I have to give head at 3:45 am behind a Mcdonald’s in Chicago on a Friday night during the middle of pride month while streaming on twitch and IG live for y’all to realize I am really a fruitcake,” All in all The Rapper is always quick to defend himself from critics may it be online or face to face.

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Source: BillBoard, HipHopDX

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