Loki Episode 5 brought with it tons of new Easter eggs and comic book references. How many were you able to spot? Here’s the full list.

The Episode Title


The title of Loki Episode 5 is Journey Into Mystery. Journey Into Mystery 385 is also the name of the comic book which has the honor of recording Loki the Trickster god’s first ever appearance in Marvel Comics. Another comic book issue titled Journey Into Mystery also exists within the pages of Marvel Comics. Written by Keiron Gillen, Loki has been transformed into a a kid while the Avengers are dealing with the events of Fear Itself.


Sylvie and Alioth in Loki episode 5

The name Alioth might ring a bell in the minds of hardcore comic books fans. For those who didn’t hear it ringing, Alioth is the first ever entity who broke out of the constraints of time. He is seen in a gaseous form and is said to have an empire bigger than Kang’s. The show presented him as a smoke serpent, probably a nod to the Journey Into Mystery title, which is itself a reference to the comic book arc. The arc involved Thor tracking down Loki, who was prophesized to help him stop the Serpent from destroying the world.

The Thanos-Copter

thanos plane

Shown early on in the episode, the Thanos-Copter was the Mad Titan’s answer to the Batman’s Batplane. Back in the old days, Marvel writers wanted Thanos to have his own ride.

thanos copter

And the best they could come up with this was a personal helicopter, which went on to become a running gag.

Destroyed Stark Tower

Stark Tower

The city of New York, even after the apocalypse, is looks incomplete without the signature Stark tower. the iconic Marvel building could be seen in the background in one of the scenes in the episode. It’s a blink and you miss it appearance.

SHIELD Helicarrier


A downed SHIELD Helicarrier could be seen in the background when Alioth shows up to confront Sylvie. Given the fact that the Helicarrier is built to stay up in the air for an indefinite amount of time, a Helicarrier turned into debris is worrisome. Also, is there a Nick Fury variant in the End of Time timeline?

Frog Thor

frog thor 1

Frog Thor makes an appearance in the show when Loki is entering the variant Lokis’ underground lair. The jar he is trapped in is marked T365, which coincides with the name of the comic book issue – Thor #365, where Frog Thor made his Marvel Comics debut.

Stan Lee Mural In The TVA

stan lee could be on the walls of the tva 1623259620

When Sylvie is coercing Renslayer to give her all the files on the TVA, we can see a Stan lee mural in the background of the room. The mural was also seen before in earlier episodes.

Polybius Video Game


The legendary but fictitious Polybius video game could be seen in the background in the Lokis’ underground lair. The game inspired many real world commercial arcade games in the 1980’s. A conspiracy theory states the Polybius Video Game was a sercet government mind control project based out of Portland, Oregon in 1981.

Old Loki’s Survival Story


An Infinity war fan theory explained how Loki would have survived Thanos in Infinity War. Old Loki’s tale confirms it was indeed possible if done that way.

Reference To All Pixar Movies


The car Mobius drives has a Hula dancer on the dashboard. The same Hula dancer is seen in WandaVision as well as Agents of Shield. Phil Coulson had one, implying his time in Project TAHITI. It is also a nod to the Pizza Planet Truck found in all Pixar movies as well as Lightning McQueen of Cars, a movie character Owen Wilson voiced.

USS Eldridge

xloki episode 5 easter eggs uss eldridge

USS Eldridge is the topic of many conspiracy theories regarding the US Navy’s infamous Philadelphia experiment. Loki shows that the navy ship landed in the End of Time and was devoured by Alioth. First DB Cooper and now this!!

Ronan The Accuser’s Ship From Guardians Of The Galaxy

xloki episode 5 the dark astor

As Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, Kid Loki, and Old Loki look at Alioth from the hilltop, the Dark Aster, Ronan’s formidable Kree warship that almost destroyed Xandar in GOTG Volume 1, could be seen in the distance amongst the wreckage.

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