American actor and producer Elijah Wood rose to fame with the popular fantasy drama franchise Lord Of The Rings. The Peter Jackson-led trilogy went on to become one of the most commercially hit franchises in Hollywood.

Elijah Wood reprised the character of Frodo Baggins in The Hobbit series too. Elijah Wood reunited with his Lord Of The Rings co-star Sean Astin during the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Award.

Lord Of The RingsElijah Wood in The Hobbit

The 43-year-old actor has joined hands with the star-studded voice cast of Among Us. He would be voicing the character of Green in the animated series.

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Lord of the Rings Actor Elijah Wood Joins The Stellar Voice Cast Of Among Us

Elijah Wood has joined the talented cast of Among Us which includes Randall Park, Yvette Nicole Brown, and The Last Of Us fame Ashley Johnson. The stellar cast is all set to voice the characters from the game-based animated series Among Us. The upcoming project is being developed by Eye Animation Productions, CBS Studios’ animation extension along with the studio behind the game Innersloth. Among Us is executively produced by Owen Dennis and as of now no network or streamer has been associated with the project.

Lord Of The Rings
Among Us

According to Variety, the plot of the upcoming animated series is based on the premise of the 2018 released game of the same name. As per the official logline-

“Members of your crew have been replaced by an alien shapeshifter intent on causing confusion, sabotaging the ship, and killing everyone. Root out the ‘Impostor’ or fall victim to its murderous designs.”

Among Us was launched in 2018 and went on to have over 500 million monthly active users, with 4 billion views on YouTube.

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Elijah Wood Talks About The Character Of Frodo From The Lord Of The Rings Franchise

Elijah Wood became an overnight star after becoming the face of the million-dollar fantasy drama franchise Lord Of The Rings. While commemorating 20 years of LOTR, Wood appeared for an interview with The New York Times in 2021. The actor poured his heart out while talking about what he learned from the character of Frodo. He said-

One of the great messages of the book as it pertains to Frodo and the hobbits, in general, is a sense that even the smallest person, not just in stature but in terms of what one feels they’re capable of doing, is capable of greatness, of affecting real change, of having a real impact. What Frodo was up against seemed insurmountable, and yet he was able to accomplish it largely because of goodness, kindness, purity of heart, and perhaps innocence.

Lord Of The RingsElijah Wood in Lord Of The Rings

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He further continued to say-

Those are the things that hobbits embody, and inherently why they’re able to withstand the corruption of the Ring for longer than humans. But what makes Frodo unique is a way of seeing the world without any kind of cynicism. There’s also courage, maybe even blind courage, of not necessarily knowing what’s ahead and therefore not allowing himself to be afraid. If I’m to learn one thing from all of that, it’s that there’s fortitude in his outlook that makes it all possible.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was released in 2001 and went on to gross over $870 million against a production budget of $93 million. The massive success of LOTR’s first installment went on to pave the path for the franchise.

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