Everyone in Hollywood is well aware of Margot Robbie’s recent success and how her future is expected to blow up with exciting and outstanding offers ahead.

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Margot Robbie in Barbie Movie

After the ongoing success of Barbie breaking continuous records in numerous movies, Margot Robbie gets a weird offer from a famous organization that pays you for selling feet pictures. The Barbie star has got the same offer from this very company.

Margot Robbie Gets a Weird Sell Feet Pics Proposal

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With the impeccable success of the Greta Gerwig movie Barbie starring Margot Robbie in the main role, once again is at the center of attention. Margot Robbie was proposed with a strange offer to sell her feet pictures for which she’ll be paid thousands. Sounds odd right? but it’s true! the acclaimed actress was presented with a staggering sum of money that exceeds the salaries of numerous Hollywood actors, all in exchange for selling pictures of her feet.

A website called Fun With Feet has taken a Curious approach by offering a potentially profitable deal to Margot Robbie, the star of Barbie. Their proposal is centered around foot photos, and they reached out to her through a representative named Liz. In a letter, Liz expressed the platform’s keen interest in partnering for foot-related content, drawing inspiration from Robbie’s involvement in Barbie. This creative collaboration is expected to bring in substantial financial rewards and to sweeten the deal, an initial bonus of $320,000 has been included in the offer.

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Barbie is Unstoppable, Breaking Record of a 15 Years Old Movie

Barbie 2023 Movie

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No wonder why Barbie is all around and in the limelight since its release, it’s the amazing cast and storyline with each actor’s talent and hard work. Of course, Greta Gerwig has also done a lot of work on the movie to make it the highest-growing movie made by a woman director. Margot Robbie who plays the tuitar role in the movie is also regarded as one of the reasons for the movie’s success as the actress has failed Christian Bale‘s The Dark Knight Movie.

The Dark Knight is Christopher Nolan‘s one of the highest-grossing movies of over 15 years old. But Robbie’s performance has surpassed the box office collection of this Nolan movie and is expected to hit more records as the movie has been released in UAE recently.  Greta Gerwig’s movie has been making headlines since it was released last month and the pink magic is on in all the theatres to date. With this outstanding success, Margot Robbie is expected to acquire more such amazing roles in the future and fans will love it.

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