Legendary voice actor Mark Hamill recently retired from his iconic role as the Joker after playing the character across various Batman mediums since 1992. But his defining performance opposite longtime on-screen rival Kevin Conroy has earned comparisons to Shakespeare, crystallizing the complex bond between the Dark Knight and his arch-nemesis. Hamill himself has referred to the Joker as the “Hamlet of the modern age”, an endlessly interpretable character that the most talented actors strive to portray. 

Why Does Mark Hamill Embody This Dynamic So Well?

Mark Hamill in Star Wars Jedi
Mark Hamill in Star Wars Jedi

According to DC.com, A key element of Hamill’s excellence as the Joker is his interplay with Conroy’s Batman. Their chemistry and mutual understanding of the characters shaped the definitive version of this classic rivalry.

As Mark Hamill stated when announcing his retirement after Conroy’s passing: 

“Without Batman, crime has no punchline.” 

The two roles are interdependent, representing opposite sides of the same chaotic coin.

Hamill and Conroy captured the intricate codependency through their emotive voice acting across comics, cartoons, and video games for over 30 years. And the Arkham series of games fully realized this complex relationship dynamically.

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What Made Their Bond So Special in the Arkham Games?

Mark Hamill in Star Wars Jedi
Mark Hamill in Star Wars Jedi

While acclaimed Batman writer Paul Dini penned the first two Arkham games, the trilogy as a whole embodies the Conroy/Hamill dynamic via evolving scripts and game mechanics.

Their final showdown in Arkham Knight is particularly resonant, with the Joker manifesting as a projection of Bruce Wayne’s own psyche – showing just how intrinsically they’re linked. Hamill called the series a “missing final statement” on their characters’ journey.

By the game’s end, Batman must symbolically sever their connection to move forward – perfectly encapsulating what the two figures mean to one another.

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What Is Mark Hamill’s Lasting Impact as the Joker?

Mark Hamill in Star Wars Jedi
Mark Hamill in Star Wars Jedi

Despite first voicing the villain over 30 years ago, Hamill’s Joker remains a definitive portrayal fans continue to celebrate. No actor has quite captured that razor’s edge between harmless jest and homicidal chaos.

And though he has passed the killer clown’s mantle, Hamill’s goodbye perfectly distills why this relationship has enthralled audiences for over 80 years across every imaginable medium, concluding:

“The only way to silence the laughter is to spread your cape and rise above it. That’s what the Batman and Joker story is all about.”

By silencing the Joker’s laughter, Batman rises above and overcomes the forces of chaos that his nemesis represents. And that symbolic battle captured so perfectly by Hamill and Conroy will endure as their lasting legacy.

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