Mark Ruffalo the acclaimed star well-known for his diverse and thought-provoking role opened up about his career choices and their influence on his life. While Ruffalo is well known for his role as Hulk, the actor revealed that he was once very skeptical about taking up the role. Talking about the same Ruffalo has also revealed that his dad will be very pissed with him if he comprehends the amount of money he has declined.

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo

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Mark Ruffalo Was Skeptical of His Role As Hulk

Mark Ruffalo is one of the most acclaimed stars in Hollywood and is well known for his thought-provoking role. Best known as Hulk, Ruffalo has also worked in other movies such as Spotlight, Dark Waters, Now You See Me, Shutter Island, and Being Again and many have reflected on his career.

Talking about his role as Hulk in Avengers Ruffalo revealed that before taking on the project, he was very skeptical about the movie and its franchises. Ruffalo revealed that throughout his career he was very thoughtful and picky with his movie. He also said that he never ran behind money for any of his roles.

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk
Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

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During an interview with Australia’s Sunday Herald-Sunback in 2010 Ruffalo revealed that it was Robert Downey Jr that convinced him to make his decision. As reported by MTV talking about this Ruffalo said “Because of what Robert [Downey Jr.] had done and where that genre has gone since then, I did it,”

Despite his doubts,  Mark Ruffalo took on the role and indeed became one of the most loved characters among the Avengers.

Mark Ruffalo Says His Father Will Be Very Engaged with His Career Choice

Mark Ruffalo and his roles have also been very thought-provoking for both the viewers and the critics. Even though Ruffalo’s role as Hulk brought him global fame, his performance in movies like Spotlight and You Can Count on Me has not been undervalued. Many critics and industry experts have praised Ruffalo for his movies and even Rotten Tomato rated both of these movies of Ruffalo as one of his best and second-best movies.

While talking about this career choice even Ruffalo agreed that he had been very picky with his role. Not only this the actor also said that throughout his career he has turned down a lot of high-paying roles.

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Mark Ruffalo in Avengers Endgame
Mark Ruffalo in Avengers Endgame

As reported by MTV in reflection on his practice of choosing personal, independent projects over big studio movies, Ruffalo said: “I have never really been one to go for the cash. If my dad knew how much money I had turned in my lifetime he would kick me in the ass”.

This reflection by Mark Ruffalo was indeed shown in his ability to balance his artistic passions with blockbuster roles.

Source: MTV

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