The Departed actor Mark Wahlberg is a prominent name in the entertainment industry. The American actor was a rapper before he entered Hollywood. He has been a part of famous projects like The Perfect Storm, The Fighter, Fear, and Boogie Nights. He has also produced the HBO series Entourage, Ballers, and Boardwalk Empire. 

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg in Ted

The Transformers actor gave an exciting update on the second chapter of his adventure movie Uncharted.

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Mark Wahlberg Provides An Interesting Update On Uncharted 2

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland collaborated for the adventure drama Uncharted in 2022. The Ted actor played the character of hunter Victor Sullivan in Uncharted. During a recent interview with the famous media outlet Screenrant, Mark Wahlberg provided an important update about the second chapter of the adventure drama. He even mentioned that the studio called him to grow a mustache for Uncharted 2. 

Actually, I just got a call today that they got the script in. I can’t grow a real beard and mustache, but they said, “Start growing your mustache. It’s gonna take awhile.” I’d be interested to see what the story’s like, and where that adventure takes us. But I’m excited; I know audiences really loved the first one, so we’ll see.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg in Uncharted

Mark Wahlberg did not reveal much about the upcoming project, but it’s clearly evident that the script of Uncharted 2 is all ready. However, no announcement has been made by the studios with respect to the upcoming adventure drama. He was last seen in The Family Plan in 2023. With a production budget of $120 million, Uncharted went on to make $407.1 million.

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Mark Wahlberg On His Chemistry With The Uncharted Co-star Tom Holland

During an interview with the entertainment outlet People in 2022, Mark Wahlberg appeared for the promotion of Uncharted. The Transformers actor spoke about the adventure drama and his organic chemistry with his co-star Tom Holland. While talking about Tom Holland, Wahlberg said-

“Playing opposite Tom was a lot of fun because he’s like an annoying little brother and I never had a little brother, so it was nice. I think the movie’s that much better because of the chemistry between the two of us.”

He revealed that he almost played Tom Holland’s character, Nathan Drake in Uncharted. He said-

“I was attached to this movie for quite some time, so long that I was playing the Tom Holland role originally, and now I’m playing Sully, but I love the fact that I’m playing Sully. He’s such a fun character, a very kind of untrustworthy guy who, when chipped away this tough exterior, actually has a heart of gold.”

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland in Uncharted

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As Uncharted is based on the video game franchise of the same name, Mark Wahlberg revealed that he is not at all a gamer in real life. While talking about his last vice Brick Breaker, he said-

“I’m a gamer on the golf course. I’m a gamer in real life. My wife is already mad enough that during the pandemic the kids were playing video games too much. I would be in big trouble if I started playing video games for six, to seven hours a day. My last big vice was Brick Breaker on the Blackberry. That was bad.”

With an IMDb rating of 6.3 out of 10, Uncharted can be streamed on AppleTV.

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