If there’s two properties which are the most famous in the world then it’s The Simpsons and Marvel. While The Simpsons is a classic property, Marvel is a new one and is just a decade old but it is still going strong. You can view both content on Disney+. Since both are on their same platform so it makes sense that Marvel’s Instagram account made a fun video which chronicled the best references to their superhero characters made by The Simpsons.

But there’s tonnes of other heroes who can’t appear in the MCU because they are just that powerful. Check them out:

Iron Man, X-Men, Hulk And Even Stan Lee Appears

Hulk, Wolverine and more are in The Simpsons video. Pic courtesy: Pinterest.com
Hulk, Wolverine and more are in The Simpsons video. Pic courtesy: Pinterest.com

The video is full of cool moments. We see Professor Frink piloting a very familiar suit of armor before plummeting. Next, a couch gag sees Homer as Professor X with the rest of the family filling in as an various characters of the X-Men. Lisa is Storm, Bart is Angel, Maggie is Wolverine and Marge is Mystique. The whole moment is pretty perfect and then it gets even better as Stan Lee walks in. The Marvel comics legend says: “There’s nothing too short that I can’t cameo.”

Check out the post below:


Up next, the Comic Book Guy tells Bart and Millhouse that he has to lie down on a pile of unsold Hulk Hands. Speaking of the Hulk, another scene happens with Homer where the character trips into a kiddie pool full of green paint. When he notices what’s happened, he gets mad, pops some quick green muscles, all the while yelling “Homer Mad!” before tearing that shirt off and stalking off.

Next Up Is Captain America, Spider-Man, Thanos And Nick Fury

Yes, Thanos is also in it. Pic courtesy: wallhere.com
Yes, Thanos is also in it. Pic courtesy: wallhere.com

There’s more as Doctor Hibbert dressed like Captain America enters the frame with series creator Matt Groening. When the attention turns to the man who launched the show, he turns into Iron Man and then flies away as two kids looks on stunned. If you thinks that’s it, then you are mistaken. How can Marvel make a video without their crown jewel Spider-Man. First Amazing Fantasy #15 gets name dropped. Then Marge pulls her husband in for a kiss staged just like that dramatic one from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. Of course J.K. Simmons comes aboard to do a riff on J. Jonah Jameson.

How can Marvel leave out the villain who wrecked havoc in the latest Avenger movies. Thanos also makes a cameo during a couch gag as the Simpsons get dusted. In case you were wondering, yes, there’s a post credit scene as well. Lisa begs Homer to not leave a movie after the main attraction wraps. Then the family sees what the true post-credits scene entails. A shadowy figure with two eye patches recruits Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury to a team of other recruiters called Assemblers. This was truly one of the best things Marvel could have come up with and this is a great treat for Marvel fans. Maybe Deadpool will be next on the cameo list?

Marvel movies and The Simpsons are now streaming on Disney+.

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(Source: comicbook.com and Film.com)

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