Tony Stark has traveled across the cosmos, battled Korvac, and suffered for gaining new cosmic powers throughout Chris Cantwell’s tenure on Iron Man. Despite his ups and downs, his god-like abilities set him apart from other superheroes. However, Tony Stark’s god-like powers are gone in a new teaser for Iron Man #20, as the hero returns to his ordinary Iron Man armor, which includes the return of one of his funniest addition, his roller skates. One of the biggest downgrades in Marvel Comics history is Iron Man swapping his Power Cosmic for his armor’s funny roller skates.

Marvel Comic - Iron Man - Marvel Desecrates Iron Man's Legacy With The Stupidest Downgrade
Marvel Comic – Iron Man

What We Know About the Downgrade

After winning against Korvac using his Power Cosmic, Iron Man undoubtedly became one of the most powerful Avengers. When Stark revisited earth with his god-like powers, he allegedly murdered his friends who tried to strip him of his powers and he also gave the whole of New York city his intellect resulting in a number of problems. With the help of Patsy ‘Hellcat’ Walker he realized his mistake and revived his friends, he even turned back the city to normal. One cannot imagine him giving up on all his powers in ‘Iron Man #20’ which is announced to launch during Spring this year. This will truly result in the biggest downgrade in the history of Marvel comics.

Iron Man - Marvel Desecrates Iron Man's Legacy With The Stupidest Downgrade
Iron Man

In a new textless preview of Iron Man #20 by Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta, Tony Stark adjusts to his new normal without his godlike abilities. Iron Man also fights a gorilla in the trailer, which includes him busting out his roller skates attached to his armor, as the villain chases him down in a Vespa. It’s a funny sequence that emphasizes Tony Stark’s ultimate power loss. The roller skates may appear to be a joke, but Cantwell and Unzueta are harkening back to Iron Man’s illustrious past since the hero’s boot-skates first emerged nearly 60 years ago. Iron Man’s roller skates, which are attached to his armor, have appeared a few times in recent issues to emphasize the hero’s humorous side – and given that a gorilla is following him on a motorbike in this issue, it appears that he’ll be having a good time.

Iron Man & Hellcat’s Love Angle

Tony and Patsy, of course, have unique romantic histories thanks to their time in the Marvel Universe, and Patsy, in particular, married none other than Daimon Hellstrom back when she was a member of the Defenders. She’s faced a fresh set of enemies since joining Tony Stark’s team, including a resurrected Korvac, had her latent psychic powers revived and even survived a near-death experience or two. She and Tony fell madly in love along the journey. 

Iron Man will ask out Patsy for marriage in Iron Man #20 - Marvel Desecrates Iron Man's Legacy With The Stupidest Downgrade
Iron Man will ask out Patsy for marriage in Iron Man #20

Iron Man #20 will conclude nearly two years of a romance plotline in which Tony Stark has fallen for his new crimefighting sidekick, Patsy “Hellcat” Walker, according to Marvel. That’s correct, Tony Stark is getting married, and in Iron Man #20, he’ll propose to Patsy. Of all, for Tony, it’s all about seeking an anchor point, a sense of security in his life that Patsy has been able to provide when no one else has been able to do so. Now she must decide whether or not she wants to try to make this love continue forever.

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