Marvel Comics might have things upsetting the audiences, but when it comes to their movies, MCU has done everything right! From the great casting to the great writers, directors and even the back team, each and every member of the movies has been phenomenal when it came to doing their job.
As a result, there is no doubt that MCU has such a humongous fan base all over the world.
And there are obviously tones of memes that the fans throw at each  other. Here are few of them for you to enjoy :




1.Always Choose Your Heroes Wisely!




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None of us want Godzilla to show up


2. The “Low-key” Brie Connection.


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We did not know about it either





3. One Where We All Cried




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Still hurts!




4. Oh Boy! Shouldn’t Have Said It



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No, he is not a boy!



5. Thanos Imagined As An Indian


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Wonder if he would give up his gauntlet for this peaceful profession at the country side



6. Honestly… None Of Us Can!


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Only Steve can do this entire day.




7. Also Why Women Live Longer Than Men




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Well but both are working for the betterment… right?




8. Okay, We Do Not Want To Think About This




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It would be really weird to see Peter with that face.




9. The Sweet Music !




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This scene was pure goosebumps though




10. Well This Is True… Obviously.




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No one can disagree on this




11. Wannabe Plastic Fans In A Nutshell




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You can not directly watch the end game!



12.  Not Really Indestructible Eh?



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Ummm how could she even say that?




13. TBH That Would Have Been Creepy!



Did they end up breathing on each other?




14.  Heart Touching Moment



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Everyone was allowed to cry here!



15.  Pain Intensifies



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We didn’t think we would end up sympathizing with Karli




16. Hail The Strongest Of Them All




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Can anyone beat Asian moms? Maybe Thanos could have been schooled in the very beginning if he had an Asian mom or if he faced one.





17. Hmmm Powerful.





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Do not underestimate the Thunder God.




18. Hitting The Gym ASAP



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Ladies and gentlemen,  never miss your gym days… you never know what an amazing transformation you could have.



19.  StarLord Clueless About How  It All Started !



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Okay, most of us definitely hate StarLord and why does he always have to be so clueless and useless…. We won’t be surprised if he actually asked that.




20. Only Way To Get The Gadgets From Sony (Even For Free)



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This is actually a good plan to get free goodies from Sony.. But do not do that.

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