It’s been a great week for Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige. The producer just announced the last movie of the Spider-Man trilogy and another Star Wars movie. 

Marvel Television may be in jeopardy

Marvel Television
Marvel Television

It seems that the future of Marvel Television is in trouble. This seems apparent with the cancellation of multiple live-action series, including the series order of ‘Ghost Rider’ even before production. Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb is reducing the avenues that call for his focus. The movie studio might take up all the live-action projects in the future.

Marvel Television may focus on animated projects

Marvel Studios in charge of Disney+ shows
Marvel Studios in charge of Disney+ shows

In the future, Marvel Television may direct all its attention to its animated projects including their group of Offenders series which include Howard the Duck, Hit-Monkey, MODOK, and Tigra & Dazzler. Just like the upcoming Harley Quinn series for DC Universe, these shows will be adult-oriented. 

Previously, there used to be trading of characters back and forth between Marvel Studios and the Television division, so that both could profit from them. However, this arrangement seems to have changed, and it becomes even more obvious after the Ghost Rider cancellation. 

In case Marvel Studio is handed the keys to the Television Kingdom, it will focus on making heavy budget content for the Disney+ Streaming Service. This would mean that Loeb and Marvel Television will be limited to the animated projects and the non-scripted ones like Marvel’s Hero Project. Consequently, the Television division will be producing far less content, but Disney will favour Kevin Feige over them for sure. 

Disney’s plans for Marvel Television will be revealed soon enough. We will know shortly about how much Feige will have to expand his focus. 

Are you in favour of this arrangement between Marvel Studios and the Television division? Leave us a comment below and let us know about your views. 

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