Marvel’s Fantastic Four has been one of the highly anticipated projects. The legendary superhero family made their début in 1961 and soon gained popularity. Over the last two decades, The Fantastic Four has been adapted for the big screen three times. After Fox’s catastrophic attempts, Marvel is now relaunching the film, and fans are excitedly anticipating Fantastic Four’s introduction into the Multiverse Saga.

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Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four will arrive soon after Avengers crossovers and Spider-Man 4. The casting for the film has begun, and so have the rumors surrounding it. Many stars’ names are popping up to play the lead in the MCU project. Fans are teeming with excitement as additional details about the cast of the highly anticipated Fantastic Four film, which is set to hit theatres in 2025. Now a new report stating Fantastic Four reportedly has a connection with Captain America has blown the minds of fans.

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Fantastic Four will reportedly be set in Captain America’s time

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MCU’s Fantastic Four

When it comes to movies, Marvel is known for meticulous planning. As Marvel prepares to launch Phase 5, the franchise bringing back Fantastic Four has piqued people’s interest. With many failed adaptations of the films, Marvel has taken the mantle to reboot it.

The upcoming project Marvel is under fans’ radar as they are curiously waiting for new updates. As Fantastic Four has begun hunting for actors to play the four leads, rumors surrounding the casting have emerged. Apart from that, there are rumors that the Fantastic Four might have a major connection to Captain America.

Grace Randolph, during her YouTube session, discussed FF. There she stated that the MCU version of Fantastic Four might begin in the 1960s and later arrive in the current day, out of time, as Captain America did.

A quick dialogue between Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange and John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic is also worth noting. When Strange heard the term Fantastic Four, he wondered if they were the ones that topped the charts in the 1960s.

As rumors surrounding the Fantastic Four are making waves fans are eagerly waiting for an official confirmation from Marvel.

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Marvel’s Fantastic Four will focus on Sue Storm

Real Science Behind Sue Storm: How The Invisible Woman's Powers Work
Sue Storm

While the Fantastic Four movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to establish its cast, rumors suggest that one of the superhero family members will be the main focus of the rebooted film. According to rumors, the film is expected to be female-led.

Instead of sticking to the comic book format and keeping the story centered on Mr. Fantastic, it is being considered that the plot will be on the Invisible Woman.  

According to early rumors, Marvel Studios intended to cast the character first and then assemble the team around her. The female lead concept appears to be a significant deviation from the novel’s premise, but it can surely be interesting and rank well in terms of female representation.

While Sue Storm may be the lead of Fantastic Four, it is yet uncertain who will play The Invisible Woman. There are rumors of Margot Robbie turning down the role, and Vanessa Kirby is in talks. 

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