Marvel’s renowned superhero family, The Fantastic Four, had their debut in 1961 and quickly gained popularity. Their family bond, which was strengthened by a space disaster, gives them amazing abilities. The Fantastic Four have been adapted for the big screen three times over the past 20 years, with actors Miles Teller and Ioan Gruffudd playing Reed Richards in the first two. The anticipation for the upcoming MCU film, Fantastic Four, has increased after John Krasinski recently made a surprise appearance as an alternative version of Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

Marvel is now relaunching the movie after Fox’s disastrous attempts, and fans are eagerly expecting Fantastic Four’s entry into the Multiverse Saga, which is coming soon after Avengers crossovers and Spider-Man 4. However, it appears that Paul Mescal won’t be a part of the Fantastic Four. The role has been given to Milly Bobby Brown’s Stranger Things co-star.

There was speculation that Human Torch would be played by actor Paul Mescal

Irish actor Paul Mescal, praised for his outstanding performance in the BBC and Hulu series Normal People, found himself the subject of speculations regarding a possible offer to play Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot. Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, who is renowned for his accurate news of the entertainment business, gave this idea some credibility.

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Paul Mescal
Paul Mescal

Mescal, though, was already in high demand at the time because he had been cast in the lead role of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Gladiator sequel. Maybe he was not able to be cast as the Human Torch due to a potential scheduling problem. Then which actor is the successor of the role?

The Human Torch in the upcoming Fantastic Four film will be played by who?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is buzzing with exciting news as more information about the cast of the eagerly awaited Fantastic Four film, which is scheduled to hit theaters on February 14, 2025, gets revealed. It appears that Joseph Quinn, known for his work on Stranger Things, has been chosen to play the iconic Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm, says co-host Jeff Sneider of The Hot Mic.

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Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn

Previously rumors claimed Paul Mescal was rumored to be in line for the part, but Sneider updated his information and appeared to confirm Quinn’s casting on the most recent episode of The Hot Mic when they talked about everything related to Fantastic Four. Fans of Joseph Quinn, who is a superb actor, are overjoyed by this information.

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