EternalsMakkari is the fastest superhero in Marvel as of now. But is it? The answer lies in Quasar #17 where Marvel’s Makkari and DC’s Barry Allen raced. But who won? The answer will shock you. Earlier, in the comics, Makkari was a male. However, with the debut of Eternals in the MCU, Makkari is a female now. Makkari and Barry Allen, both raced each other. But sadly, Makkari never stood a chance in front of Barry Allen. Check it out:

Marvel Comics: Quasar #17
Marvel Comics: Quasar #17

Quasar #17 Introduced A Suspiciously Familiar Speedster To Marvel Universe:

Eternals Makkari raced the Runner along other heroes marvel
Makkari raced the Runner along with other heroes

Quasar #17 by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Manley introduced Marvel Universe to a suspiciously familiar speedster. The cosmically empowered Quasar was observing the Earth from space when he noticed a figure bathed in a light rush past him. To discover who that being is, Quasar and his ally, Makkari, raced after him. It is then when they discovered the Runner. The Runner then challenged Makkari to a race around the world. Soon after this challenge, the Earth’s fastest heroes and villains assembled for a race to see who is the fastest of all. Among them was Quicksilver, Spectrum (then known as Cap Marvel), Speed Demon, Whizzer, Super Sabre, and Black Racer.

The Challenge And Discovery Of The Fastest Hero In Any Universe:

Eternals Makkari couldn't stand a chance in front of Barry Allen marvel
Eternals Makkari couldn’t stand a chance in front of Barry Allen

The race was quite interesting and tight with Makkari struggling initially. but ended catching up in taking the lead. However, this lead was short-lived when a mysterious man with a blonde beard arrived. The man was compelled to run by an energy source within him. He quickly joined the race and outpaced the competitors. Soon enough the figure reached Makkari and surpassed him. And with this, the figure approached the finish line and Makkari was defeated. The Elder was impressed by the man who called himself the “Buried Alien“. With this, the Elder announced him as the victor.

However, the Runner couldn’t digest the defeat and took the Buried Alien along with him to compete in a galactic marathon. But the man simply wanted to return home to his family to save his universe. This mysterious man later took part in another race with Makkari. But by this point, he had admitted his fate that he won’t be able to return to his home and made peace with the fact. He took on the name FastForward, who was as fast as Makkari. The story then ends up in Makkari and FastForward having a friendly race.

FastForward marvel

Buried Alien/FastForward is a clear pastiche of DC’s Barry Allen, a.k.a The Flash- arriving in the Marvel Universe just years after the conclusion of DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. “Buried Alien” could be seen as a version of Flash who survived the crisis and landed in the Marvel Universe. This proved that Buried Alien/FastForward was the fastest figure in any universe, not even Marvel’s heroes like Makkari or Quicksilver could stand a chance against him!

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