Chloé Zhao’s movie “Eternals” introduced us to a superhero team. It was created by Celestials to save the Earth from evil forces known as Deviants. They were sent thousands of years ago for the sake of humanity. However, spending so much time together, they disagreed on many things. Some of them had serious repercussions. They worked together for several thousand years and killed what they thought was the final Deviant and parted ways. However, a more evolved version of the monster reappeared that made them reunite again in the 21st century. This epic blockbuster movie has a twist that was supposedly spoiled by Disney and Marvel’s marketing strategies. What was it and how did it happen? Check it out:

Marvel's Eternals
Marvel’s Eternals

Eternals: Marvel’s Marketing Of The Movie Spoiled Its Big Twist

Marvel's marketing spoiled the Eternals' twist
Marvel’s marketing spoiled the Eternals’ twist

After parting ways for years, the superhero team was supposed to reunite in the 21st century to defeat an evolved version of the monster. However, the team members had differing views on the handling of the matter. Moreover, they understood that Deviants aren’t the problem. The real problem is the looming Emergence. The real twist which was mindblowing was mistakenly or deliberately (we don’t know) was spoiled by marketing strategies.

The core conflict between the Eternals took place much before but was shown later in the film. Seemingly, the real mandate of the team was to ensure that the Emergence takes place, as the destruction of Earth would lead to the creation of a new Celestial. Ikaris, Sprite, and Kingo wanted to follow the directive from Arishem, the Judge as they thought this was the best for them. However, the other members opposed this idea. That’s because having spent the last 7,000 years with the humans made them realize that they’re worth fighting for.

So, What Was The Twist Afterall?

Ajak played by Salma Hayek in Eternals
Ajak played by Salma Hayek in Eternals

Before all of this, however, Ikaris (Richard Madden) already argued with Ajak (Salma Hayek). This resulted in Ikaris killing Ajak by letting Deviants kill the Eternals Leader.  The real twist of the movie starts here. This was heartbreaking for the team members as well when they got to know about it. However, this twist was spoiled as it was subtly revealed in the trailer. Ajak wasn’t seen in the modern-day scenes of the movie, except for the scene when she was seen with Ikaris. Reexamining the trailer, it was noticed that he was the last person Ajak was seen with in the same setting where Sersi and Sprie found her body at the ranch.

Marvel Studio is so good with keeping twists and important scenes a secret that they specifically shoot misleading scenes to put in the trailer. But why didn’t they pay attention to this detail? But if you remember, MCU’s Phase 2 already revealed that cosmic beings were ruthless entities through GOTG film. So, this plot twist wasn’t surprising.

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