10 times MCU heroes lost hope and hit rock bottom. Marvel Cinematic Universe is anything but simple. Being a place of cultivation on its own, it engulfs a lot of storylines at the same time. Every hero has their own story and a plot that they follow. Of course, not even a single adventure comes with ease and MCU has established that even the best of heroes can lose. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end. However, sometimes, our heroes lost all hope. So, let’s talk about the 10 times MCU heroes lost all hope and hit rock bottom.

1. Doctor Strange

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Doctor Stephen Strange lost all hope when he came to Kathmandu and spent his last dollar. All his ego and cockiness perished when he turned to the Ancient One for help.

2. Iron Man

10 Times MCU Heroes Lost Hope & Hit Rock Bottom
10 Times MCU Heroes Lost Hope & Hit Rock Bottom

Tony fought till the end but eventually recorded his last message for Pepper. As he was aimlessly drifting in space, he had given up hope for any other surprises. But little did he know that his greatest sacrifice was yet to come.

3. Thor

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When Thor came to Wakanda, he made it clear that it will be the end of Thanos. But he didn’t know that it’s not easy to kill the Mad Titan. If the blow would have been to his head, Thor could have prevented the snap. He took it personally and drowned in his guilt.

4. Hawkeye

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Clint Barton lost his entire family due to the Blip. Hawkeye became a merciless vigilante who killed wrongdoers that survived Thanos’ snap. Honestly, this version was totally awesome and we want to see it again.

5. Scarlet Witch

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The Disney+ series WandaVision was all about Wanda’s ultimate and never-ending grief. However, after Endgame, when Vision did not come back, she lost all control of her powers and took an entire hostage. The show really gave a chance to Elizabeth Olsen to showcase her acting abilities which are straight-up killer.

6. Hulk

10 Times MCU Heroes Lost Hope & Hit Rock Bottom
10 Times MCU Heroes Lost Hope & Hit Rock Bottom

Bruce Banner succumbed when Hulk decided it’s time for him to alienate himself from society. However, he did it because he felt like he didn’t belong and was a threat to many. Eventually, he landed on Sakaar and we saw what it did to Bruce in Thor: Ragnarok.

7. The Winter Soldier

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For me, personally, Bucky’s life is the most traumatic, just like Wanda’s. After Bucky was taken in custody by HYDRA, he was brainwashed into being a killer who didn’t know any human emotion. All he did was follow the command and kill. He went 70 years living like a slave.

8. Valkyrie

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From being the greatest Asgardian warrior to some ragpicker on Sakaar, Valkyrie’s history wasn’t too kind on her. After losing to Hela, she ran from Asgard and settled on Sakaar. And let’s not even talk about her drinking habits.

9. Sam Wilson

10 Times MCU Heroes Lost Hope & Hit Rock Bottom
10 Times MCU Heroes Lost Hope & Hit Rock Bottom

Sam gave up Captain America’s shield because he didn’t believe in himself. He really hit his rock bottom. However, Bucky made him realize the intensity of his decision and we got ourselves a new Cap.

10. Loki

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We all remember how the God of Mischief broke down when he saw his future play out in front of him. But he really gave up on himself when Lady Sif reminded him of his insecurities again and again in the time look chamber.

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