Captain America is one true “hero”; Steve Rogers was a skinny kid before he took the super- soldier serum, yet he was chosen as Erksine knew Steve was a good man. He trusted Steve to use his power for the good and help make world a safer place.
And Steve did prove the scientist correct after saving the world in Captain America: The First Avenger, he went on to join The Avengers. Tony paid for everything, but even he knew the true leader of the group was Captain America.

1. Standing Against Thanos & Infinity Gauntlet


Even thought he was unsuccessful, Steve put a tough fight against the Mad Titan and his almost complete Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos  shows up in Wakanda looking for Mind Stone and Avengers with Wakanda soldiers to everything to stop him. Many heroes attempt to take down Thanos but Captain America is able to hold him the longest.

2. Being A Loyal Friend 


No one can ever question Captain America’s loyalty to his friend Bucky Barnes! His decision to find and protect Bucky caused a rift between him and Tony.
Stark was hurt that Cap didn’t tell him the truth about his parents and the fact that Bucky killed them.  Bucky was mind – controlled backed then and didn’t have control over his actions. Steve chose to protect his childhood friend over his teammate.

3. Fought Ultron All By Himself On The Truck


Before the cradle is recaptured by The Avengers, Cap went on to take Ultron himself on top of a moving Mac truck and he even lost his shield before Natasha picked it up and threw it back to him.
He handles himself well and even though he did ultimately get some help, he was fighting Ultron for a good amount of time.

4. Refusing To Kneel Before Loki


Steve Rogers’ first act as The Avenger was to stop Loki’s reign of madness and killing. As Loki is about to blast an innocent old man away, Cap jumps down and blocks the blast with his shield ; not only saving the man but all the other people Loki made kneel.
The team does join Cap to stop Loki, but it was Cap who could save the people.

5.  He Tells Vision Don’t Sacrifice Lives


Vision is of the opinion that his mind stone should be destroyed so Thanos can’t get it and since only Wanda is the only one who can destroy it, Vision asks her to do to so. But Wanda refuses and Cap agrees with her decision.
Cap tells Vision that The Avengers “don’t trade lives.”

6. Facing Thanos and His Whole Dark Order Army Alone


Tony Stark and Thor along with the remaining heroes were all down and out; but yet a beaten and bruised Cap stood up to the Mad Titan and his entire army all by himself.
This was one of the best  scenes in the entire MCU till now considering the fact Cap was given the serum for the moments exactly like this.
As Cap is standing right there all alone, the portals start to open up and all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come back to help their leader!

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