No matter how strong someone is, the heart plays its game. You may think MCU heroes never feel sad or upset, or tired or worn out! But that’s not the truth. Our beloved MCU heroes have a heart, they feel pain, emotions, and everything that we as normal people do. Just like us, when we feel low, what we need is a hug, they need it too! Saving the world against the evil forces can be one hell of a task, but the MCU heroes do it, without complaining. MCU has come a long way with entering its Phase 4. Here are times when the MCU heroes needed a hug badly! Check it out. Also, you can comment and let us know what’s the most upsetting moment you think our MCU heroes had to go through wherein you just wanted to give them a tight hug!

1. Thor

Thor in Infinity War with Rocket and Groot MCU
Thor in “Infinity War” with Rocket and Groot

We might see Thor as the mightiest and the most worthy, but there’s more to it. He also feels burdened with the fact that he couldn’t do much for Asgardians and his family. In Infinity War, Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot travel together to attain a weapon that can defeat Thanos. On their way, Thor slowly opens up about everything and everyone he lost. This was the moment when he needed a hug, so damn tightly!

2. Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan comforting Tony Stark's daughter at his funeral in Endgame MCU
Happy Hogan comforting Tony Stark’s daughter at his funeral in Endgame

It is known to all how Happy stood by Tony Stark’s side through thick and thin. He was the chill guy always entertaining us! However, in Endgame, during Tony’s funeral, his best friend’s funeral, when he was supposed to be weeping, he was comforting Stark’s daughter. Now, that’s when he needed a hug!

3. Drax

Drax opening up to Mantis MCU
Drax opening up to Mantis

The green-colored guy may look weird but he serves as the comedic relief in both the Guardians movies. He is always cracking up jokes but deep down he’s upset. He opens up to his new friend Mantis about his wife and daughter, which is such a heart-touching scene! That’s when we want to hug him.

4. Loki

Loki confronting Odin
Loki confronting Odin

No matter how mischievous Loki is or how much he hates our beloved hero Thor, we cannot deny that Loki did manage to make some space in our hearts. The scene when he finally confronts Odin about his real heritage is very upsetting. Loki coming to terms with his reality and feeling unwanted or different was the time we wanted to hug him!

5. Hawkeye

Clint Barton after the time travel test
Clint Barton after the time travel test

Clint Barton is one Avenger who is known to be a proper family man. The man who lives for his family. We all know how much he loved his wife and children. However, in seconds, all of his family was wiped out. He shook hands with the Avengers once again to test the time travel project and it worked. He was once again able to see his family. But the moment he went ahead to meet his daughter, he was snapped back to reality. The moment he came back and laid low on the floor was the time he needed a hug so damn badly.

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