Mel B is still in a rift with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte. The ex-couple was married for ten years before filing for divorce. The husband has now gone to court for an emergency appeal concerning his 11-year-old daughter. Belafonte has pleaded to the court regarding the Spice Girls star’s alleged drinking and other concerning behavior.

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Mel B

The director wants legal action taken against Brown for being under the influence of alcohol or other substances. He is concerned for his daughter Madison who is affected due to the singer’s behavior. Brown recently called the police after Madison didn’t pick up her call. The former couple is in a never-ending divorce battle, and it has taken a turn with this new emergency appeal.

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Mel B’s ex-husband makes his way to the court for an emergency appeal

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Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

Stephen Belafonte, the former husband of Mel B, made his way to the court pleading an emergency hearing for his 11-year-old daughter. According to the court documents, Belafonte has requested the court to give an order so that Madison could have her own cell phone. This came after the producer found out that her daughter’s call with him was managed by the Spice Girls star. Additionally, he requested a court order preventing Phoenix, Mel B’s other daughter, from using Madison’s phone.

The singer’s husband also wishes for a court order that prohibits Brown from being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He is worried that Mel B’s consumption of such substances is hindering her ability to care for Madison while the child is in her custody.

The document reveals,

“In many of Madison’s communications with [Mel], [Mel] is demonstrably intoxicated, slurring her speech and speaking in the distinct manner in which [Mel] speaks when intoxicated. This has gotten to the point where Madison has felt the need to call [Mel] out.”

Madison’s father has also appealed to the court to order Mel B from doing anything that could expose or show her naked self around Madison. Belafonte confessed that Madison told him of such an incident that happen in November 2022. According to him,

” [Mel] inappropriately entered Madison’s bathtub naked and, on several occasions, ‘cuddled’ naked with Madison, ‘spooning’ her, in the same bed [Mel] shares with her partner. Putting aside the unexplained nature of [Mel’s] conduct and the need for further inquiry into Madison’s concerns.”

Belafonte wants this order to be taken against Mel B before Madison visits her in the United Kingdom. The ongoing battle between the former couple is burning till the order of the court comes out.

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Stephen Belafonte speaks about his daughter’s breaking point against his ex-wife

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Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

Stephen Belafonte in his file claims that Madison has reached a breaking point concerning her mother and her bizarre behavior. Apparently, Madison “is in a state of terror and absolute refusal to meet her mother,” according to him. He added that later this month, their child will visit the singer in the UK. The ex-husband wants certain restrictions to be followed, including the use of a private cell phone.

The ex-couple is set to face off against each other in court next month.

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