Latest trailer for Men In Black is released.

The summer movie season kicks off tonight with the introduction of Avengers: Endgame, however we’ve got a fresh look at among those season’s other outputs. Sony Pictures has released a brand new trailer for Men in Black: International, which you may have a look at previously. You can find the trailer for MIB: International below:

(MIB: International Official Trailer- Source: YouTube)

The trailer provides the most recent look in the approaching sci-fi spy caper, which celebrities Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth as two MIB representatives that are dragged to a globe-trotting conspiracy.

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Quotes by leading people from MIB.

A still from Men in Black Trailer
A still from Men in Black Trailer

“The genesis of the entire issue is a young woman whose life was changed by means of an experience with Men in Black. And the concept is that unlike Will [Smith] from the first movies, she is a protagonist that has not been but has discovered them.”



“The [series’] design is so willful in its own layout and storytelling. It is not a normal action film. It’s a specific point of view, and some of the comedy is that quite matter-of-factness.”

-Executive producer E. Bennett Walsh


“We went to the job knowing the profound affection we along with the lovers have for Will and Tommy. We are not replacing them, but we are simply adding to their group.”-

-Director F. Gary Gray 

Thompson’s additional comments about Men In Black.

Men in Black to be released this summer.
Men in Black to be released this summer.

“The beginning of the first film talks about spiritual,” Thompson added. “and Will [Smith] has these searing jokes about race…. I believe you have the opportunity inside of this escapism to state some thing, and make and that’s satire which holds a mirror up. I believe that is possible, without preaching.”

Along with Thompson and Hemsworth, the cast includes Liam Neeson, Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, and Emma Thompson.

Men in Black: International arrives in theatres on June 14th.

Source: Comicbook, TimesofIndia


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