Miley Cyrus recently opened up about a deeply personal and challenging period in her life, shedding light on the profound impact it had on her mental health. In a candid discussion, she revealed the intense emotional toll of portraying a traumatic scene in the Black Mirror episode titled Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too, which marked a pivotal moment in her career. The circumstances surrounding this pivotal moment were uniquely challenging. She explained that the trauma of filming the harrowing scene in that episode seemed to intensify the anxiety she felt about her burning home.

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

The weight of these simultaneous crises took a toll on her mental well-being, causing her to experience anxiety attacks, a distressing and overwhelming ordeal. Cyrus’s willingness to share her vulnerability and speak openly about her struggles with anxiety serves as a powerful reminder of the human side of celebrities. It highlights the importance of mental health awareness and the challenges individuals can face when confronted with traumatic events in both their personal and professional lives.

Miley Cyrus Confronts Trauma in Black Mirror

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

In a video, Miley Cyrus talked about a tough time in her life. She was filming a traumatic scene for a show called Black Mirror in South Africa. At the same time, the fire burned down her house in Malibu, California. She realized that her anxious feelings were connected to something she filmed for Black Mirror. Miley Cyrus told Access Hollywood,

“I was filming Black Mirror and while I was there, the Woolsey Fires happened in Malibu. And I was in South Africa but it was taking place in Malibu so it was just a real trip.” She added, “But actually as my house was burning down I was strapped to a gurney with my hands locked in handcuffs strapped to a bed.”

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This happened in 2019 when Black Mirror released its fifth season. In the show, Miley Cyrus portrayed the character Ashley O. In the third and final episode titled Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too, Ashley O is depicted as a renowned singer whose career is controlled by her aunt. There are also two sisters, Rachel and Jack. Rachel gets a special robot doll that acts like Ashley O. Together with her sister and the robot doll, they try to free Ashley O from her aunt’s control.

In that episode, Ashley O had to face a truly distressing and dehumanizing ordeal that would come to symbolize the character’s suffering.  In this pivotal scene, Ashley O faces a horrifying ordeal, highlighting Black Mirror‘s trademark unsettling themes. She’s forcibly restrained on a clinical bed, showcasing the show’s dystopian nature and the character’s dire situation. This intense moment, carried admirably by Miley Cyrus, added significant weight to the storyline despite real-life challenges.

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Miley Cyrus’s Psychological Struggles with Her Black Mirror Character

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus shared a poignant insight into the emotional challenges she encountered while filming a particularly distressing scene for Black Mirror. The timing of this difficult moment in her career coincided with a tragic real-life event: the loss of her Malibu home, which she once shared with her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. Miley’s revelations extended beyond her initial statement. Cyrus told Access Hollywood,

“Probably two or three years after this happened I didn’t understand, but I would have this anxiety attack with a vision attached that I would be strapped down to a gurney.”

As she continued to reflect on these unsettling experiences, Miley Cyrus shared that she would have these dreams anytime she was about to perform, and she initially considered them as anxious visions that made no sense. However, over time, she came to a profound realization that her anxiety was rooted in a specific moment from her time filming Black Mirror.

All six seasons of Black Mirror are available to stream on Netflix.

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