Miley Cyrus has got herself caught in a new storm. The Hannah Montana star has found herself embroiled in a new controversy because of emulating Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez’s world cup celebration.

Cyrus recreated the pose for a post on Instagram, a post which has landed her in a lot of trouble. Though the reference hasn’t been confirmed by her, fans are assuming what else her latest post on Instagram could possibly mean.

The story behind Emiliano Martinez’s World Cup celebration

Emiliano Martinez
Emiliano Martinez

Emiliano Martinez has made quite a name for himself within a few years of bursting on the scene. Ever since establishing his position, the goalkeeper has been a mainstay for his club side, Aston Villa, and for the Argentina NT.

The reason behind his unassailable dominance is not only the 30-year-old’s caliber but also his mentality. It is the mind games he plays that have played a very important role for his team. His dominance between the sticks was on display in the WC final with France.

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Emiliano Martinez stirred up a controversy

Emiliano Martinez and his disrespectful World Cup celebration in Qatar
Emiliano Martinez and his disrespectful World Cup celebration in Qatar

Martinez’s antics have evoked mixed reactions – drawing support from his fans and criticism from rivals. After having played a prominent role for his team in the World Cup, he was rightfully given the Golden Glove.

Any normal player would have received the trophy in a normal fashion and appeared grateful for the honor. But not Martinez. He received the trophy and went on to create one of the most iconic (and controversial) pictures in the history of World Cups.

He intentionally held the Golden Glove in a suggestive phallic position while making a funny face, all while the world watched. And it has been taken as a huge sign of disrespect by several around the world. However, the man himself did not mince words when asked about the reason behind his actions. He claimed,

“I did it because the French booed me. Pride does not go with me. I dedicate the title to my family. I come from a very humble place, I went to England very young. I want to dedicate it to them.”

But this defense has done little to absolve him.

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Miley Cyrus draws flak for ‘recreating’ Emiliano Martinez’s controversial pose

Miley Cyrus imitating Emiliano Martinez's celebration pose
Miley Cyrus imitating Emiliano Martinez’s celebration pose

Martinez’s pose elicited sharp criticism from football fans around the world. A lot of people found his posture disrespectful. When you keep in mind that he did this in Qatar, one can’t help but guess his real intentions.

No wonder Miley Cyrus has drawn a lot of flak because of recreating the pose, intentionally or unintentionally. Although she didn’t allude in any way to the 2022 FIFA World Cup or Martinez’s actions. But seeing her post, fans in the comment section were quick to rip her open for allegedly paying tribute to the way he celebrated.

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