Hollywood produces a massive number of movies every year. While we are definitely spoiled for choices when it comes to genres, horror and thriller movies are preferred by many people/ A good mystery film definitely does get us excited! And that’s the best part about a mystery movie right – the part where we are searching for answers to all those questions.

And when it’s a great movie, the plot is really really difficult to predict! Some of these films really play with your mind and especially if you are watching films by Alfred Hitchcock and M. Night Shyamalan! Here are some of the best Mysterious movies that will make you scream for the answers!

1. Flightplan – 2005

Mind bending movies you should watch
Flightplan could scare you to take a flight

If you are looking for a gripping thriller, then look no further! The movie is legit mind-bending. Jodie Foster plays Kyle Pratt, an aviation engineer. Kyle is traveling on a plane with her young daughter and her husband’s coffin. Kyle takes a nap on the plane and as she wakes up, her daughter has just vanished in the middle of the air. Is she imagining all this or has something happened to her daughter?

2. Fear Street Trilogy – 2021

Thriller movies everyone must see
Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy Stumped us away

The trilogy is an American horror film series and is based on R.L.Stine novels. Netflix made three separate films on the plot and each of them is well made. It has great actors who have done a fantastic job bringing the story to our screens. Each film has a group of teenagers who are trying to uncover the mystery of their cursed town and why it is coming to haunt them!

3. What Lies Beneath – 2000

Mind-Numbing movies you shouldn't miss
What Lies Beneath has such a great plot, that Bollywood made an unofficial remake. (Which was a massive hit)

One of the many reasons to watch the film: It has Harrison Ford! Michelle Pfeiffer stars opposite Harrison in the movie. Clarie and Norman move together to his old house and Claire starts experiencing supernatural activity. Is the house really haunted? Or is there another mystery? Turns out their marriage isn’t full of trust as she hoped it to be.

4. The Others – 2001

Best Mystery movies of Hollywood
The Others will definitely leave your mind-numbing in so many ways

This is one of the most brilliant performances given by Nicole Kidman, trust us. The movie is set in 1945 and she places Grace, who moves into a new house with her children. Her two kids are photosensitive and they usually live in “darkness”. But then a few things happen which make her believe that her house is haunted while she waits for her husband to return from World War 2. Spooky right? Wait till you watch the film, your mind is going to be blown into several pieces and you won’t stop thinking about this film for a long time.

5. Memento – 2000

Rare Thriller films you must watch
Memento is a movie no one should miss.

This is one of the most intelligent films that has ever been made and honestly one of the best works from none other than legend Christopher Nolan. Guy Pearce has been amazing in the film. He plays Leonard Shelby, an insurance investigator. He suffers from anterograde amnesia and is relying on notes and tattoos to find out the man who he thinks has killed his wife. This was the last thing he remembers. The movie will get you hooked to your screen.

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