In the Moon Knight series, Khonshu has emerged to be one of the most terrifying gods that we have seen so far. Just like the main character, Marc Spector and Steven Grant, Khonshu is a multi-faceted god who struggles to balance the different aspects of his persona. Khonshu was born to the sun god Amon-Ra, a powerful cosmic being who was worshipped by the people of ancient Egypt. 

As the series prolongs, we are getting to know more about the pigeon-headed god Khonshu. In the recent episode, Khonshu had a strained relationship with his fellow Egyptian gods. Egyptian gods and mythologies are quite difficult to understand but Moon Knight is trying to best that they could for the audiences! With the long list of gods in Egypt, below are some of the Egyptian Gods More Terrifying Than Khonshu. 

Ammit: Judge of the Souls

Ammit terrifying egyptian god
Ammit is yet unseen in Moon Knight as Arthur Harrow leads a dangerous cult-like organization while he preaches peace and unity, his ultimate goal is to resurrect the goddess.

Moon knight has been telling about the powers of Ammit and what are its capabilities. The show revolves around Ammit’s scarab stolen by Marc Spector, followed by Harrow to London in an attempt to retrieve it. So far nothing has been revealed in Moon Knight but Ammit is also called the Devourer of the Dead. Ammit has the ability to take away the life force of anyone who has or will, commit evil acts in past, present, or future.

Apophis: Serpent Enemy of the Sun God 

Apophis Egyptian God
Apophis was an Egyptian God and a serpent demon who represented the forces of chaos and death.

Known as the Demon of Chaos, Apophis threatened the underworld and symbolized evil. His tails were mostly of efforts to destroy the sun god and cause earthquakes, thunder, darkness, storms, and death. Apophis was a huge serpent with tightly compressed coils to emphasize his huge size. 

Anubis the God of the Underworld

Anubis Most Terrifying Egyptian god
Being an Egypitian God, Anubis was associated with mummification due to which he was called jmy-wt, which means “he who is in the place of embalming”.

Also known as the God of Mummification, Anubis had a black canine, a jackal-dog hybrid with pointed ears. In simple words, he looked like a muscular man with the head of a jackal. Anubis looked after the embalming process and liked to collect trophies from the people he embalmed.

Pakhet: Egyptian Lion goddess AKA The Scratcher

Pakhet Egyptian God
Pakhet is one of the most terrifying Egyptian goddess

Pakhet appeared in the Egyptian pantheon, during the Middle Kingdom and was considered a fierce lioness. She was a Night huntress with sharp eyes and pointed claws who would spend her nights wandering and hunting the desert looking for prey. Pakhet’s night wanderings in deserts also gave the goddess an association with desert storms. 

Osiris: Judge of the Dead

Orisis Egyptian God
Orisis played a double role, he was both a god of fertility and the embodiment of the dead and resurrected king.

Orisis was associated with death, resurrection, the afterlife, fertility, agriculture, and vegetation. In a battle with his brother, Osiris was cut into pieces, and his wife Isis found and assembled all the pieces. Later, he did not restore to ordinary life; he became the god of the underworld. 

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