Marvel’s Moon Knight debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an original series that puts a unique stamp on both the comic book character and the mythology of ancient Egypt. With each of Marc Spector’s superhero attributes having been granted to him by a figure from mythological deities, it is no surprise that this also rings true for the forthcoming Disney+ take on Moon Knight.

These Gods of Egypt hail from a pocket dimension right next door to Marvel’s Earth-616. This Marvel Cinematic Universe works in strange ways. While there are counterparts to many of the characters, the storytelling potential is still immense. With that being said, here’s a list of every other Egyptian God that could appear in the show (other than Khonshu) –


First on the list is Sober. Sobek is the ancient Egyptian God of crocodiles. Often depicted with a crocodile’s head atop a human body and sometimes wearing a plumed headdress, Sobek was worshiped during the 18th Dynasty. The most powerful of all Egyptian deities, he was considered an animate force of nature and symbolized abundance in the forms of water and crops. Known for its early association with the Nile River and fertility, Sobek was one of Egypt’s four divine kings.

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Sobek – Egyptian God of Crocodiles
Sobek – Egyptian God of Crocodiles


Although Bast is well known for being the deity representing a feline, she was first represented by one of the cats living in Egypt such as a white desert-sand cat. She is the daughter of Ra and is primarily known as the Egyptian God of Cats. With that being said, Bast is a ferocious protector of human beings, always looking out for us to ensure we are safe and secure. Because cats effectively kill vermin, farmers like that Bast visits their land as it helps to produce more crops.

Bast – Egyptian Goddess of Cats
Bast – Egyptian Goddess of Cats


She is a protective goddess who keeps a watchful eye over pregnant mothers of various sorts. But she also secures the safety of their unborn children. This Egyptian deity can be seen today as an incarnation from ancient times playing a modern-day role in life. But her Egyptian origins were quite different from how she portrays herself to be today.

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Taweret – Egyptian Goddess of Mother and Child
Taweret – Egyptian Goddess of Mother and Child


The Egyptian God of the sun and protector of dead kings, Amun-Ra, is better known to most people as the modern Pagan deity we call Anubis. In ancient Egypt, he was often depicted as having the head of a jackal with the body of a man. He would have been worshiped during both life and after death, primarily in the city of Thebes.

Ra – The Egyptian God of Sun
Ra – The Egyptian God of Sun


The diety Isis does not only appear in folklore, but also in comic books. According to the cultural mythos, Isis is a goddess of Egyptian mythology. As the myth goes, Isis was trapped in a pyramid beneath Egypt along with her husband Osiris and their son Horus. They were able to escape by using magic after first contacting familiar figures Odin and his son Thor.

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Egyptian Gods
Isis – The Mother of Magic


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