Australian film and television actor Morgan Davies starred as Koby in the One Piece Live Action remake. Thanks to his mother who thought that auditioning for the role was a better way to spend the day than babysitting while she was at work, he auditioned for his first acting role as a 7-year-old kid which he surprisingly landed.

Morgan Davies was born and brought up in Sydney by his single mother Elaine. What is to be noted here is that Davies was born a girl named Morgana Davies but at the age of 13, he came out as a transgender to his close family and friends who gave him their full support. Any information about his dating life is not known nor has he ever mentioned having a partner.

Morgan Davies
Morgan Davies

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Morgan Davies Chose to Keep His Identity Private

The movie in which 7-year-old Morgan Davies starred was 2010’s The Tree which was chosen as the closing film for the Cannes Film Festival. For the same movie, he was nominated for two AACTA (earlier known as AFI) awards. He has also starred in many other shows and movies such as The End, The Girlfriend Experience, and Evil Dead Rise.

Morgan Davies as Kobi in One Piece Live Action
Morgan Davies as Kobi in One Piece Live Action

The Hunter actor certainly came out at 13, but at the time, he was not ready to be open about it with his peers especially, not the general public. In an interview with Vogue, he said: “I was going through a lot, thinking: ‘Who the f*ck am I and where am I going?’”

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Davies further explained his decision of not coming out publicly at the time, saying: “I wasn’t even ready to leave my room, let alone go on a TV show and be like, ‘Hey, I’m Morgan’. I didn’t even know I was Morgan. I was really confused.” Luckily, his friends and family, to whom he had opened up, supported his decision and let him do things in his own time.

Davies loves acting a lot, and this overpowered his judgment which made him continue working as Morgana Davies for a couple of years while he had no trouble playing the role of a girl, it slowly started to give him anxiety and eventually, he felt convinced that he wouldn’t be able to continue acting.

Morgan Davies’ Life Had a Turning Point When Was 17

Morgan Davies as Oberon in The End
Morgan Davies as Oberon in The End

The Evil Dead Rise actor managed to break out of his shackles at the age of 17 when he was offered the role of Oberon in the television series The End. Initially, he rejected the role but took it up when he was offered for a second time. This role was very challenging for the actor as Oberon’s battles resonated with his own.

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In the series, Oberon is a teen trans who transitions from a female Titania and battles to be accepted by his father and even himself. Davies was a depressed teenager and so, was the character which made it increasingly difficult for him to portray the character, not to mention that his support system was not with him during the series’ filming.

Morgan Davies knew what playing the character would mean with respect to his personal life, and yet he chose to do it. Looking back at it, not only he is immensely thankful to have brought that character to life but also recognizes a depiction of the plethora of difficulties faced by trans individuals in addition to the support trans teens would feel watching Oberon.

Source: Vogue

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