Mortal Kombat has some of the most detailed and fleshed out weapon systems in the world of gaming. But some weapons have ended up being more iconic than the rest, representing the game itself.

Sickles of Noob Saibot


Noob Saibot was first known as Bi-Han. He was the Elder Sub-Zero, a title that was soon passed on to his successor. As a member of the Lin Kuei assassins, Bi-Han has been trained in all kinds of weaponry. But after he was killed and resurrected, Bi-Han took the name of Noob Saibot. And Noob Saibot’s weapon of choice is the sickle. This infamous weapon is used by Noob Saibot in one of the goriest and bloodiest fatalities in the game. Ranging from the ‘Klassic’ to the Decapper  and the infamou Hooked fatalities, the Sickle is a weapon that is feared and respected across all Mortal Kombat realms.

Sonya’s Wrist Blasters


Sonya Blade is a very feity warrior. As one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters on the planet, Sonya has many enhancements built into her suit. The most well-known weapon of Sonya’s chocie are her wrist blasters. capable of shooting bullets and energy beams at a moment’s notice, her wrist blasters deal some truly incredible damage to the enemy if timed right. It will be interesting to see if Jessica McNamee, who plays the character in the 2021 movie, wields the same amount of power in her wrist blasters as well.

Kronika’s Crown

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Kronika was a character that has only recently made a splash in the Mortal Kombat universe. Kronika is the Titan of time. She protects and wields all forms of temporal energy in combat. Her crown may look like an ornament but acts more or less like an emitter and amplifier of temporal energy. Even mere mortals can wield the Crown but at the expense of decreasing their life-span. The crown wields a near limitless amount of energy, which only increased in magnitude once Kronika absorbed all the souls ever captured by Shang Tsung in hi Well of Souls.

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Baraka’s Tarkatan Arm Blades

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Baraka hails from the race of Tarkatans. All Tarkatans are born with a unique skeletal structure that grants them incredible close combat prowess. Their arms house a pair of blades that can protrude from their hands like swords. These blades combined with Baraka’s fanged face have made him a signature player in the world of Mortal Kombat. Baraka’s arm blades are made of a special kind of metal infused bone. When grinded against each other, they produce sparks. It is almost indestructible and can cut through anything.

Kitana’s War Fans

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At first glance, Kitana looks nothing more than just a spoiled brat, a damsel in distress. She is an Edenian princess always seen holding a fan to cool herself down. Little did we know that she is one of the greatest martial artists from her world. She has combined her Edenian battle techniques with her war fans to create a formidable martial art that creates the perfect balance between offense and defense. Her war fans come with razor sharp edges that can cut through flesh like hot knife through butter. Kitana can also project her magic through her fans, which allowed her to defeat Shao Kahn in battle.

Kano’s Cyber-Eye


Kano has had many design changes over the many iterations of Mortal Kombat. The one thing that has never changed has never ever changed his his Cyber-Eye. The red glowing cybernetic eye implant has many powers. It can shoot laser beams, see through objects, and even scan the surroundings and objects. This iconic weapon had a lack-luster live action debut in the 1995 movie, were many of its abilities were missing. Thankfully, the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie rectifies that.

Wrath Hammer of Shao Kahn

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If marvel has Thor, Mortal Kombat has Shao Kahn. He may not have the powers of the Norse God of Thunder. But he does carry around a hammer way bigger than Mjolnir could ever be. This makes us think – is Shao Kahn overcompensating for something? The Wrath Hammer gives Shao Kahn an almost unfair advantage. One hit from the hammer’s swing is enough to take away 25 per cent of a player’s health. It also helps Shao Kahn emulate some of the bloodiest fatalities in the games.

Razor-Rimmed Hat of Kung Lao

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Kung Lao’s Razor-Rimmed Hat is obviously inspired by the infamous James Bond Villain Oddjob. the Shaolin Monk uses the hat’s razor sharp edges by throwing it at his opponents, sometimes downright decapitating them in one swoop. Kung Lao’s appearance has changed over the years. But the hat remains intact. It blends well with his fighting style, allowing for some amazing hit and run tactics.

Sub Zero’s Ice Weapons

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Sub-Zero has the power to control ice. Cryomancy gives the warrior several advantages in battle. So much so that it could be classified as a weapon of its own. using his control of ice, Sub-Zero can create daggers, axes, and swords out of thin air. he could even create a bladed weapon right out of the opponents’ own blood, something the trailer of the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie also shows. Sub-Zero’s ice Weaponry is a core part of his martial arts techniques in battle.

The Nunchakus of Liu Kang

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Liu Kang, many don’t know, is actually inspired by Bruce Lee. The character has several similarities with the late actor. he even fights and screams like Bruce Lee. For a long time, Liu Kang did not use weapons. But when push came to shove, the creators gave him the ability to use Nunchakus with deadly force. Fans have come to realize that the Nunchakus, the recently returned in Mk11, are what makes Liu Kang a force of nature of fiery magic.

The Bionic Arms of Jax

Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Guide 2

The Mortal Kombat universe seems to be in a conundrum as to who destroyed Jax’s real arms – Goro, Kano, Ermac, or Sub-Zero (as shown in the new movie). But his cybernetic replacements are no joke. They have remained Jax’s primary weapon of choice. Jax’s bionic arms can crush the enemy’s skull with a single clap. It could fire energy and create mini earthquakes when punched at the ground. It is one of the two most iconic weapons of Mortal Kombat, the first being….

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Scorpion’s Kunai


There is no Mortal Kombat without scorpion. and there is no Scorpion without his trusted Kunai. Scorpion uses the Kunai by attaching it to a chain, which he then plunges at the opponents’ chest. Scorpion could then pull the opponent closer after yelling the signature phrase “Get over here!!” It is the most iconic weapon in Mortal Kombat history. In Japan, the Kunai is actually a gardening tool, something even the 2021 movie portrays in the Kunai’s first appearance.

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