Given the unlimited possibilities of the multiverse, the X-Men film series may find its way into the MCU in the same manner that aspects of past Spider-Man film franchises have. Some features of the Fox films, however, seem unlikely to be carried over to the MCU, and they include some of the most surprising events in the X-Men film trilogy.

The X-Men film franchise, including its several spinoffs, is full of stunning fatalities and surprising story twists. It also featured a number of strange and even absurd adaptation decisions, notably with important characters like Deadpool, whose debut appearance in the franchise was one of the film’s most unexpected and probably lowest moments.

Logan’s Death

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Although Wolverine’s death was predicted considering that Logan was advertised as his final film, his brave and sad sacrifice in the film was utterly unexpected. One of the most startling aspects of the narrative was the concept of an older, weaker Logan being overtaken by his injuries.

His death, as well as X-13’s memorial, were both extremely poignant. As she walks away from his burial, she flips the handmade wooden gravestone on its side, becoming one of the most heartbreaking and memorable pictures in the whole series.

Jean Kills Cyclops

Cyclops and Jean Grey’s relationship is one of the most well-known in the Marvel Universe. That’s why Jean Grey’s death in X-Men: The Last Stand was so shocking. Cyclops was not only a significant figure, but he was also possibly the only one who could communicate with her.

Throughout her fights with the Phoenix Force in Marvel Comics, Jean Grey relied largely on her faith and love for Cyclops to pull her back from the edge. Despite being possessed by the Phoenix Force, she never murdered him or even came near.

Magneto Hits Professor X

The central conflict in X-Men comics is the schism between Magneto and Professor X. Despite their intellectual differences, they have a healthy regard for one another. That’s why Magneto injuring Professor X in X-Men: First Class came as such a surprise.

The comic book circumstances of the first X-Men squad and Professor X’s paralysis are substantially rewritten in the 2011 film. Magneto irreparably injures him in the film by deflecting bullets fired by Moira MacTaggert.

X-Force Dies

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On the opposite end of the scale, Deadpool 2’s startling and hilarious killing off nearly the whole X-Force unit. Fans of comic books know that X-Force is one of the most important mutant teams in the Marvel Universe, thus their sudden and violent deaths come as a surprise.

Many members of the squad, including key comic characters like Shatterstar, perish in quick succession when they parachute out of an aircraft. Peter, a non-superpowered volunteer who just arrived at the workplace, is the lone survivor.

Professor X is Murdered By Logan’s Clone

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Professor X has previously died in X-Men films, but his death in Logan was utterly unexpected owing to its silent violence. Charles Xavier, who is weak and bedridden, awakens to see who looks to be Logan standing over him. Logan stabs him in the chest after that.

The killer is revealed to be Logan’s younger clone, yet the scene’s chilling savagery remains long after the crime is completed. Logan, the elder, is powerless to save his mentor and companion, resulting in a sober ending for both.

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