Fans are crazy for their favorite movies and are always hungry if their anticipated movies are about to release. They explore the social media feeds for trailers and some also run campaigns. Marvel has always been capitalizing on this area because of its command over the audiences. Production houses often hold back the trailer for a long to create hype amongst the audiences. In the list below you will also find out that most of the most-watched movie trailers are from the Marvel Studios. Let us find the Most Watched Movie Trailers of All Time, Ranked

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Even though you can’t see John Cena, Fast and Furious 9 is on the list! (18,361,371 on Youtube)

John Cena and Vin Diesel in F9
John Cena’s popularity helped the trailer to gain more views!

Adding WWE mega star John Cena to the F&F franchise helped to gain more audience. Ever since it was announced, that Cena will be joining the cast, fans were eager to see him go against Vin Diesel and give Attitude Adjustments on the Car. The movie had an interesting plot with Vin Diesel and John Cena as brothers and the movie was directed by Justin Lin.

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Disney’s Mulan, a Teenage girl fighting to defend her country (26,229,436 views on Youtube)

Hua Malan Most Watched Trailer
Hua Malan was based on an original character who fought an army of men into battle against fierce opponents.

Directed by Niki Caro, Mulan’s trailer looked stunning. The instrumental background score is what carried this trailer alone. Based on Chinese legend Hua Mulan, it was released on Disney+. 

Thor Love and Thunder, the journey of Odinson to self-love 

Thor Trailer released on 18 April and is going viral
Thor is back with strombreaker in his hand and cue up the classic rock in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer.

Though it has been a few days, the Thor 4 teaser has dropped, and surprisingly it has crossed over 209 million views across social media platforms. Fans are unaware of what they might get to see in the movie but they are hyped up to see the journey of Thor after the events of Avengers, Endgame. 

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Avengers Infinity War, felt so desperate for the trailer, Didn’t you?! (253,448,927 views on Youtube)

Avengers Infininty War Trailer
Do not feel sad if you miss Iron Man and Captain America. We are in this together!

Marvel has been competing with itself as it is the only competition it has. As the trailer dropped, it broke all the previous records and fans became more desperate to watch their avengers becoming dust at the end. Though it was not revealed in the trailer everyone left the theatre becoming more hungry for the next Avengers movie. 

Spider-Man No Way Home set the record for most-watched movie trailer 

SpiderMan No Way Home is the most watched movie trailer
Doctor Strange played an important role in the Spiderman NWH, Upcoming Dr Strange MOM will release on 6 May

Fans were eager to see what folds for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man after the loss of his mentor, Tony Stark. So far, the Spiderman No Way Home trailer has received 355.5 million views worldwide. The movie turned out to be berserk when everyone got to see Tom Holland, Tobey, and Andrew fighting with the previous villains of the spiderman movies. It was a delight for the audience and gave a reason to overcome the death of Tony Stark!

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