Over half of the movies made depend on source material from elsewhere, be it books or an old play. It’s consistently simpler to make a film that as of now has an underlying fan base. That is the reason it’s difficult to accept that films like Robocop were unique thoughts. The movies feel comic book-y, especially for that time when Frank Miller was getting huge. Robocop isn’t the main film that gets mislabelled as a comic book film, particularly in the current environment where superheroes are the ruler of the mountain. It’s hard not to expect each hero film depends on a comic.

1. Robocop

Peter Wellar starring as the unmasked Alex Murphy in RoboCop

Robocop feels like it’s torn right from the pages of a comic book. The storyline and the action all through the film fit well with the comic arrangement. It’s the reason he wound up getting a comic run later with crazy stories and in any event, having him battle the Terminator over and over.

2. The Incredibles


At the point when The Incredibles came out, things like the MCU didn’t exist, superheroes still hadn’t approached popularity. Besides X-Men and Spider-Man, none of the superhero movies was that loved. Many neglected to catch the crux of what it intended to be a superhero like The Incredibles did. It led people to think it was based on comics when in reality, it was completely original.

3. Darkman

Darkman Elevator

At the point when Sam Raimi couldn’t get the rights to The Shadow or Batman, he chose to make his own superhero named Darkman. Darkman was a homage to Universal’s horror movies and was one of the first hero films that didn’t attempt to inspire in any capacity.

4. Hancock

hancock will smith movie Cropped

Hancock feels like two unique motion pictures. From the get-go, it’s truly investigating a legend who’s been untouchable by the city. It transforms him into a severe man who feels like everything except a saint. In the latter part, it turns out to be even more a common superhero flix where he has kryptonite and is uncovered to be immortal. The subsequent half causes it to feel exceptionally comic book-y, regardless of whether the person was unique.

5. Brightburn

Brightburn Movie Header

Brightburn Is Heavily Inspired By Superman’s Origins. The storyline follows the nuts and bolts of Superman’s starting points, from his arrival on a ranch to the likenesses of his powers. Everything’s set up to address the question, what might happen in case Superman wasn’t good?

6. Super 

Rainn Wilson as Crimson Bolt in Super Cropped

Super was James Gunn’s initial introduction to superheroes as a director and featured Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page. The film has Kickass energy to it as in it’s a normal person going around attempting to stop wrongdoing with a wrench.

7. Toxic Avenger

Screen Shot 2021 08 10 at 5.14.32 PM

It’s a film that follows Melvin Ferd, a janitor who gets continually mishandled by supporters of the gym he works at. One day they drive him out of a second-story window, prompting him to fall into a drum of toxic waste. The synthetics assist him with acquiring superhuman strength and the size he needed to be a superhero in Toxic Avenger.

8. Chronicle


The film follows three high school young men who acquire telekinetic powers from a gleaming precious stone. While superpowers are present, the story centres more on the characters and how they manage the powers.

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