The rapper is never having enough, his line of controversies is now followed by a new shocking report. Kanye West has been accused of leaking explicit photos of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and the shocking revelation surfaced on the internet a month after Adidas turned him down.

Kanye West leaks Kim Kardashian's explicit photos
Kanye West leaks Kim Kardashian’s explicit photos

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We already know that even Kanye West fans are now regretting their decision to follow him as an idol, and now people are hating him because of this blunder. Many ex-employees claimed that the rapper, who legally changed his name to Ye earlier this year showed po*nography content in meetings and interviews. He even revealed some intimate shots and footage of Kim Kardashian as an intimidation tactic.

 Kanye West Allegedly Leaked Explicit Photos of Kim Kardashian to Employees

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Things took a wild turn when the reports claimed that the rapper also showed his team members his own s*x tapes with other women. One staff talked about the time when the rapper allegedly showed him a private photo of his now ex-wife during a 2018 interview. He said “My wife just sent me this,” showing him a snap sent by Kim Kardashian.

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The staff didn’t explain much about it but he added by saying that “It was very revealing and personal,” and he didn’t really react to it. Another staff of the Yeezy team also revealed that in that same year, Ye allegedly played an explicit video of his ex-wife. Another source added that he is not afraid to show explicit images of other women or to talk about personal stuff that should be kept private. According to the accusations, the rapper doesn’t really care about his ex-wife’s privacy.

Staff Claims Kanye West Showed P*rnography to Yeezy’s Employees at Meetings

Kanye West with Yeezy employee
Kanye West with Yeezy employee

Previous reports revealed that Adidas executives cut off ties with Kanye West allowing him to create an abusive work culture, and letting him approach a very toxic pattern of predacious behavior toward women. Other alleged include Ye playing adult videos in meetings with the excuse that he needed them to keep stay focused. Not only this he also called one of his employees a fat sl*t. A report stated:

“The most troubling behavior that should have been flagged by the executive team very early in the partnership is his manipulative and fear-based approach to leading the team, all while trying to assert dominance over Adidas employees in closed rooms.”

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His former wife filed for divorce from Ye in February 2021, but the matter is still to settle.


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