The rough exterior of Terry Crews, the adored actor and former NFL player, concealed a very emotional problem he’d been dealing with since the early age of nine in the sometimes glittering world of Hollywood, where superstars engage in the spotlight.

actor Terry Crews
Terry Crews

Little did they know that behind closed doors, Terry Crews was fighting a silent foe leading him down a dangerous path of secrecy and mistrust while the world hailed his triumphs on the screen. The actor felt that lying was the only way to save his marriage after becoming divided between his inner demons and the love of his life.

How Terry Crews’ Silent Battle Affected His Marriage

Rebecca King Crews and her husband Terry Crews
Rebecca King Crews and Terry Crews

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During his formative years, Terry Crews, at the age of 53, once shared that his troubled childhood led him to seek an escape, which he ultimately found in p*rnography. The actor opened up about the nearly destructive impact of his long-standing addiction to p*rnography on his marriage. In a candid conversation with Steven Bartlett on The Diary Of A CEO,  Crews revealed, “Drinking may be a way to numb one’s pain, but for me, it was p*rnography”. P*rnography served as a numbing agent for his emotional struggles. He never turned to alcohol or drugs, but p*rnography was the refuge that took him away from it all.

“My wife was basically suspicious over the years, but what had happened was 10 years earlier in 2000”.

“She was always suspicious. I would start arguments so she would stop talking because one lie turns into two, turns into 100. Over 10 years, you forget which lie you told and the pornography never stopped”.

From the time he was just nine years old, in 1977, until a crucial turning moment in 2010, Crews struggled with his addiction. He was well-known for his parts in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and White Chicks, and he and his wife Rebecca King Crews are now the delighted parents to five kids. Their path to contentment, nevertheless, was not without its bumps. Crews acknowledged that their marriage had a period of seeming irreparable distress. Their relationship reached its breaking point after an event in Vancouver, which was directly related to the actor’s difficulties with addiction. Eventually, the former NFL player’s wife helped him overcome this addiction and finally, Crews won his long-term addiction battle and since then the duo has been leading a peaceful life together.

How Terry Crews and Rebecca King First Crossed Paths

Terry Crews family
Rebecca King Crews and her husband Terry Crews

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In the 1980s, Crews and Rebecca King connected at a college. King was a student at Western Michigan University pursuing a career in music and theater, while Terry Crews was a football player there. Even though they eventually became partners, their interactions were not at all romantic in the beginning. “He nearly fell into the buddy zone”. In 2018, Rebecca King said to E News, “He was a touch too polite”. According to Terry Crews, who agreed with her, “I had to earn it.” He did earn it, and since then they have been together.

Five kids make Terry Crews and Rebecca King proud parents. The Family Crews, a BET reality series that aired from 2010 to 2011, featured the complete family. The seven-person Crews clan interacted in the episodes in several amusing situations. The actor utterly cherishes having a big family. The America’s Got Talent presenter even admitted in 2016 that he would adore adopting a sixth child as he always desired a big family.

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