In the world of action-packed movies, several series are known for their gripping battle scenes, captivating stories, and enduring personalities. Unquestionably one of these franchises is John Wick, which stars the legendary Keanu Reeves. Building on its popularity, the John Wick 4 filmmaker is looking for another legendary martial artist to join this action-packed series.

Chad Stahelski
Director Chad Stahelski

The focus is now on Jet Li after Donnie Yen was successfully incorporated into the series. Fans who are anticipating the explosive chemistry between these masters of martial arts in a world of movies known for their nonstop action and captivating storytelling are excited about this prospective cooperation.

Jet Li in Focus After Donnie Yen’s Success in John Wick 4

Actor Jet Li
Jet Li

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Chad Stahelski, the director behind John Wick 4, expressed his desire to bring Jet Li into the celebrated franchise alongside Keanu Reeves. In an insightful conversation with Screen Rant, Stahelski delved into the unexpected conclusion of John Wick’s Chapter 4, while also contemplating the potential direction of Chapter 5. Reflecting on his initial collaboration with Keanu Reeves for the first John Wick film, Stahelski also unveiled his aspirations to incorporate other action stars into the franchise in the times ahead.

If you told me Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or Jason Statham? If you said Stallone was going to make a cameo! I’m a little bit old school, so the dream list is.

We’re friends with Jason Momoa, and I can’t imagine a better enticement than Jason Momoa coming in and giving you that look! Like, come on. These are all people we’d love to [work with]. Whether that’s in John Wick or another project, I’m a fanboy just like everybody else. If I could work with those people, I would.

When questioned about the mesmerizing action sequences in the film’s cinematography, the director provided an insightful response. It’s remarkable how Keanu Reeves has had numerous remarkable partners in his career, showcasing their synergy in roles like John Wick. In light of this, are there any individuals he’s yet to collaborate with on-screen, that you believe would make a perfect addition to the expansive world of John Wick?

When Can We Expect John Wick 5 To Hit Theatres?

actor Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

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It was reported that John Wick 5 is on the horizon, and there’s even more to anticipate in terms of additional sequels. While the gears are turning on the next installment, it’s worth noting that it’s still in the early stages, suggesting that a considerable wait is in store for John Wick 5. Initially, John Wick 4 seemed poised to conclude Keanu Reeves’ tenure as the eponymous character. However, a revelation in May 2023 defies that expectation, hinting that Reeves’ involvement isn’t quite coming to an end just yet.

Joe Drake, the chairman of Lionsgate, shared during the company’s earnings call that there’s an exciting lineup of three upcoming John Wick projects in development: John Wick 5, Ballerina, and The Continental. However, a significant challenge facing John Wick 5 is the ongoing strikes by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). This has resulted in a halt for any official scriptwriting for the film. The WGA strike commenced in May, effectively stalling progress, and now the SAG strike has compounded the situation, putting potential production on hold, even if a script were ready to move forward.

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Source: ScreenRant

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