Remember 13 Going on 30? Ad how we all just love Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo together in that movie? Well… we are getting that dream team again!


No! It’s not a sequel, but I think it might have a scope to be something better! Or maybe not! I mean, we are talking about 13 Going on 30 here after all.

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are teaming up for a movie where they will be playing parents to none other than Ryan Reynolds! Yes, that’s right! Hulk and Elektra will be parents to Deadpool. That is a crossover and half, if you ask me!


How they will pull it off, and what they are going to do with is, is still a mystery. But a mystery that we can’t wait to solve!

The Adam Project:

Ryan Reynolds is the star of this new Netflix projects titled The Adam Project – a sci-fi movie with some good old fashioned time travel. Older Ryan travels back in time, to when he was 13 (it’s a good coincidence, isn’t it? now if only he could be 30, when he makes the time jump!), to the save the future.


So older Ryan. Who is now a 13 year old boy turns to his dad – played by Mark Ruffalo for assistance. Apparently, dad is a brilliant physicist. I mean, he is Dr. Bruce Banner after all, so no surprises there.

Catherine Keener – the sweet mom from Get Out, who is harvesting black young men with her husband – is playing the villain once more. She steals the technology from Ryan’s dad and all hell breaks loose.


Also, another Marvel hero – this time dear old Gamora – will also grace the audiences. She is a fighter pilot, who is Ryan’s wife. This is turning out to be quite the non-Marvel Marvel reunion here!

Incidentally, people are quite happy with this new Netflix project, and are loving the fact that Mark and Jennifer are teaming up to play an on screen couple again after all these years.

And if you ask us, we feel the exact same way!

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