Sony has just released the second trailer for Venom and while the first teaser showcased more of Eddie Brock, this follow-up shows Venom in its full glory with its filthy long serpent-like tongue.

However, there is one issue that has popped up about the pronunciation of the word “symbiote” in the first clip. Fans began debating after a scientist named Jenny Slater pronounced the word symbiote as “sym-bye-oat” in the trailer. This has left the fans baffled as they’re rushing to online dictionaries and classic Spider-Man cartoons for the correct pronunciation.


Jenny Slater said the word while briefing Eddie Brock about the discovery of alike entities which would go on to spawn Venom.

However, in the follow-up clip, Carlton Drake who’s the head of Life Foundation offered his take on word which seems to have pleased the die-hard Venom fans. While describing his project on bonding human hosts to alien parasites, Drake pronounced the word as “sym-bee-oat” which is similar to what we’ve heard in the 90’s Spider-Man animated series.

Although both pronunciations are accepted by the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, fans didn’t like the usage of “bye” instead of “bee” in the film. It makes sense as the cartoons are always seen as an inspiration for the Cinematic Universes.


Apart from this, there’s one more problem and that’s Venom’s diet. At 1:35, we see Venom attacking a thug, indicating that he has found himself a dinner but this time, it’s more verbally graphic. Venom went on to compare the thugs’ eyes, lungs and pancreas to snacks before possibly devouring the thug as his meal.

But what they’ve seemed to miss out on is Venom’s iconic line from the 90’s, “We want to eat your brain.” I mean, how can you not include that? Venom didn’t just threaten people with this line, HE ACTUALLY ATE THEIR BRAINS! The reason behind this was that Venom had always been drawn to the chemicals inside the human brains although his love for brains was changed to chocolates later.

While the fans didn’t expect to see him feasting onto brains in the trailer, I feel that a simple mention of the iconic line could’ve been an incredible easter egg for fans. Even at the end of the trailer, he told the robber that they (Venom and Eddie) would first eat his arms and then his legs and then the face. Just the mention of the word “brains” might’ve acted as a catalyst to excite fans but we hope that they have included this gruesome line into the final cut.

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