Actor Drake Bell, who is widely known for playing Drake Parker in Nickelodeon’s famous TV show Drake & Josh, has reportedly disappeared. His fans are worried as the authorities have claimed that his life may be in danger.

The actor, who was once a superstar, has been through a lot after Nickelodeon’s 2004 show ended. The actor has mainly faced financial issues. He recently completed his probation that he was sentenced to in 2021 over an attempted child endangerment case. Over the years, the actor has faced several accusations. He also filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

Drake Bell is missing

Drake Bell
Drake Bell

Daytona Beach Police Department has revealed that actor Drake Bell is missing. The actor played the role of Drake Parker in Nickelodeon’s TV show Drake & Josh for 4 seasons. As per the authorities, the actor was spotted in the Mainland High School area driving a 2022 grey BMW on 12th April around 9 PM. The police believe that his life may be in danger so they are doing everything they can to find the actor. After the news went viral, people on social media gave their opinions,

Drake Bell began acting when he was 5. His first major role came in a 1994 episode of Home Improvement. He then appeared in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire and bagged a small role in the series Seinfeld in 1998. However, his most memorable character was Drake Parker.

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The actor recently completed his probation

Drake Bell
Drake Bell

Drake Bell recently completed his two-year-long probation over an attempted child endangerment case. During the trial that took place in 2021, it was revealed that he allegedly took advantage of a girl who was under 18. He allegedly had an online relationship with the girl and when she attended a concert of his, he allegedly took her backstage to be alone and asked her to perform oral s*x on him.

It was then revealed that the actor is guilty and he received 2 years of probation along with 200 hours of community service. The actor claimed that he had no intention to do harm, however, the girl claimed that it has caused “irreparable harm.

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Drake Bell filed for bankruptcy in 2014

Drake Bell
Drake Bell

Nickelodeon’s TV show Drake & Josh began in 2004. After roughly three years and four seasons of the show, it finally came to an end. The show boosted Josh Nichols and Drake Bell’s popularity among the youth. However, after the show ended, Bell’s woes began.

In 2014, the actor officially filed for bankruptcy. The documents revealed shocking information including that he made $408,000 in 2012 but saw a steep fall in 2013 as he only made $14,099. In 2015, the actor was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was locked up for roughly 10 hours but left the place after posting a $20,000 bail. Now, his disappearance has raised concerns.

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Source: TMZ

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