Nicole Kidman, the American-Australian actress, is not just a pretty face; she’s got the brains to match. She is well known for her breathtaking beauty and acting abilities. She has been in critically praised films like Moulin Rouge, Big Little Lies, and Being The Ricardos. In addition to her excellent filmography, Kidman’s romantic history has attracted media attention. Her ex-husband, Hollywood hottie Tom Cruise, and she were the ‘it’ couple of the 1990s. Their marriage lasted eleven years, though. But Kidman had opened up about her contract with Cruise, something no other Hollywood stars could quite replicate.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise provided Nicole Kidman with much-needed protection against predators

Tom Cruise has established an image for himself as a fearless Hollywood actor. He is recognized for his risk-taking attitude and deep devotion to his art. His influence commands authority and respect not just among his fans but even in Hollywood. His ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, benefited greatly from this aura of authority. Because that was a turbulent time in Hollywood when s*xual misbehavior was common.

Nicole Kidman provided details about her relationship with Tom Cruise, which lasted from 1990 to 2001, in an interview with BBC News. Kidman said that she was a rising young actress at the time in a field plagued with s*xual harassment. She admitted that the necessity for protection was the driving force behind her choice to marry Cruise rather than a desire for power. Kidman married Cruise out of love, but being with such a strong man protected her from the widespread s*xual harassment that many female actors experienced.

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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise holds a powerful position of authority in Hollywood that goes beyond just being a famous actor. This was made clear when Nicole Kidman revealed that at the period when s*xual harassment was a serious problem in the industry, Cruise’s popularity served as a shield. It’s crucial to remember that in Hollywood, fame alone oftentimes isn’t enough to protect loved ones from damage. For instance, despite being an important figure in the film industry, Brad Pitt was powerless to stop the s*xual harassment of Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Brad Pitt was unable to protect Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie from harassment

In her early days in Hollywood, Gwyneth Paltrow encountered a painful circumstance when she was s*xually harassed by Harvey Weinstein. He is a man who is now a convicted s*x offender. Brad Pitt, her then-boyfriend,  addressed Weinstein and gave him a stern warning in his immediate and fierce response. He went so far as to threaten Weinstein, making it obvious that any further wrong behavior toward Paltrow would result in severe consequences.

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Brad Pitt with Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt with Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie also disclosed that she had met Weinstein’s unwanted advances in the late ’90s, so Paltrow’s experience was not unique. Jolie made it apparent that she had a bad experience with Weinstein when she was young, which prompted her to advise people not to work with him and to never work with him again. Pitt bravely stood up for Paltrow, but both actresses had to deal with the upsetting events as even Pitt’s fame couldn’t protect them from the misconduct.

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Source: BBC News

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