Dillon Danis has been seen in a video, showing a photo of Nina Agdal that has caused a stir online in an unexpected turn of occurrences. Even Adin Ross thought the harsh image was inappropriate. The contentious photograph has sparked a wave of comments.

Nina Agdal's leaked video
Nina Agdal

Due to personal hatred and purported legal threats, Dillon Danis said that he had a nuclear photo of Agdal that would end the fight between him and Logan Paul. These two have been making headlines frequently amid their verbal fight.

Adin Ross Reacts to Nina Agdal’s Controversial Photo

Nina Agdal with fiance
Nina Agdal with Logan Paul

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Logan Paul‘s fiance Nina Adgal has been the subject of frequent posts from Dillon Danis, some of which are phony and others of which are true. Fans have been already curious about the fight between Paul and Danis taking shocking turns where they try to smash each other with words. And this is not the first time, following many earlier social media posts regarding Nina Agdal,

But what happened recently is that on September 3, a sparring match between Adin Ross and Dillon Danis was broadcast on his stream, however, it was shockingly rather one-sided. They were watching from ringside as the streamer questioned Danis about the photo and appeared to be showing him something on his phone. Adin Ross said, “Bro!” and seemed a little taken aback by what he had just seen. And Ross said:

“That is wild bro. I actually feel really bad. That’s too far, bro.”

While showing the photos to Ross, Danis said “I want to dump these nukes I have of Nina so bad it will actually smash the internet”, Dillon said, claiming he had numerous additional embarrassing pictures and videos of Agdal and as Danis did not reveal to the viewers that the pictures were real, it created confusion and controversy.

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Battle Between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis Fight
Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis

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Dillon Danis and Logan Paul’s heated exchanges have reached an unprecedented level as they prepare for their highly anticipated fight. Dillon Danis and the Paul brothers have been in warfare for a time. The three had participated in several battles on social media and aggressively pushed one another to fight back. The boxing match between Paul and Danis, scheduled for October 14 in Manchester, has drawn the interest of fight fans as well as provoked a deep personal spat that is plainly playing out throughout numerous social media sites.

Many people are interested in finding out whether Paul will follow his promise and what effect it may have on Danis’ career and reputation. Paul, a professional boxer who first gained notoriety as a blogger, has fought in a number of well-known fights, including a contentious exhibition contest against Floyd Mayweather. Danis is a mixed martial artist who specializes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is most well-known for his association with UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Danis has a following and has been outspoken about his desire to compete against Paul, despite not enjoying the same degree of public notoriety as Logan Paul.

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