After taking a stand for his wife at the Oscars, Will Smith’s fans are now hailing that Jada Smith is the reason for the bankruptcy of the Hollywood star. The number of projects dropped after the Chris Rock Slap incident for The King Richard actor led to bank corruption. Netflix’s Fast and Loose, Bright 2, The Council, and many other projects have been suspended since the Oscars 2022 for Will Smith.

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Was Jada Smith the main reason?

Will Smith and Jada Smith
Will Smith and Jada Smith

Following the controversy, many fans claimed that Jada Smith was the reason for the downfall of the Oscar-Winning actor. Some fans also compared Jada Pinkett Smith’s actions to people supporting Amber Heard. 

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When should Smith do the damage control?

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during Oscars 2022
Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during Oscars 2022

After the 3 months of the incident, Smith has not made any statement in public regarding the Chris Rock Slap controversy. The more he takes time to address the issue in public, the more it will affect his wallet. As reported by Marca, “Smith knows he needs to get on that damage control sooner rather than later.”

Social Media trends for Will Smith

“#SaveWillSmith” a fan wrote in support of Will Smith.

After Johnny Depp, fans are now trying to save Will Smith

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What is next for Will Smith?

All of the suspended projects have caused the Hollywood star a loss of nothing less than millions of dollars with other professionals linked with these projects. With all the brawl, Will Smith has lost the potential earnings of Bad Boys 4 and Apple’s Emancipation, which has been pushed for the next year. The Oscar-winning actor will also be starting the filming of a traveling documentary series with National Geographic titled Pole to Pole.

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