There is no competition to Clint Eastwood! He’s an all- rounder.
Clint Eastwood is one of the Hollywood’s most accomplished legends, and despite of the fact that he has garnered so much acclaim as an actor, producer, even a composer and not to forget that he has received so much fame for his direction!
Recently, it was reported to a reliable sourced on what a very famous Hollywood icon; Matt Damon had to say about Clint Eastwood’s legendary directing style when he was lucky enough to work with none other than Clint himself on 2009’s Invictus.

According to the reports, the academy- award – winning actor entertained with his talks, the viewers of the successful YouTube show Hot Ones about his old times working with none other than Clint Eastwood on one of his movies.
In Invictus, Matt Damon’s character  had to have a South African accent which was extremely challenging for the actor.

It is no surprise that it was certainly something he might have liked to have a second take at for some of the movie’ s scenes. Matt Damon went on to explain that Clint Eastwood strictly follows a one- take rule and rarely takes two takes philosophy.

Of course there are certain clear risks which are associated with this strategy because it essentially calls upon the actor to be fully on point in their preparation and preparedness; and it apparently has been proved to be a success.. at least for Clint Eastwood.

Quoting Matt Damon who said, ” on Day 1 of shooting. We did the first take. It went pretty well. Clint says, ‘cut, print, check the gate,’ which means we’re gonna move on. And I said, ‘Hey boss, maybe you think we could get one more.’ He just turned and goes, ‘Why? Do you want to waste everybody’s time? ”
(And that was pretty funny to know)

invictus matt damon

Looks like it is pretty clear that Matt Damon has some massive respect for Clint Eastwood and his impressive style of direction. In fact, way back in 2011, Matt was seen praising Eastwood for his mysterious ability to foster a filming environment that so inclusive and has awareness of everyone’s creative ideas and all precious input no matter how great they might be.

Please let us remind you that Clint Eastwood is 91 years old and is still working and is he is showing no signs of slowing down in the age where people at the age of 30 want an early retirement!


Another source reported that he is all set to once again embrace his western roots in his upcoming new project Cry Macho, in which he is all set to have double hats; he is acting as well as directing in the same.
And even though it is no brainer that Clint Eastwood will clearly captivate an audience with his performance in the upcoming project, one of the more exciting elements of the movie is that Eastwood’s character develops a bond with a rooster.
Clint Eastwood Cry Macho

Cry Macho is all set to hit both theatres and the streaming platform HBO Max simultaneously on September 17th 2021.

And for those who can’t wait till Cry Macho releases; head over to Netflix and relive some of his older works for some nostalgia!

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