Naruto is a well-loved series with over 200 episodes and an astonishing 400 plus characters. It is no wonder the series has elicited numerous theories among fans. Although several questions were answered over the expanse of fifteen years, such as Itachi’s actual intentions and the truth behind Naruto’s parents, quite a few scenes were left open to interpretation.

Naruto Conspiracy Theories
Naruto Conspiracy Theories

Fans gladly gobbled up this opportunity to come up with the wildest theories. While some may lack logic behind them, there are some good theories out there that truly get your gears turning.

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One wild theory is that it was not the Uchihas that suppressed Danzo, but the Hyuuga Clan. There is no doubt that Danzo was a terrible person with no redeemable character traits. Although some fans claim that he did what he did for the good of Konoha, others believe that he only did so to become a Hokage. So, it was quite a surprise for the viewers when he didn’t make a move after Hiruzen’s death. After all, he had always wanted to take control of Konoha, so why would he pass up this golden opportunity? It is even more bizarre when you consider that the series has been hinting at the fact that he helped Orochimaru sneak into Konoha.

Naruto Hyuuga Clan
Naruto Hyuuga Clan

Although the probable reason could be that Masashi Kishimoto did not introduce Danzo as a character until much later, there’s also a canon possibility behind his actions. The reason could be the Hyuuga clan since the Byakugan could allow them to see pretty much everything and Danzo did not want to be placed in a tight spot after his scandalous dealings with Orochimaru. Someone like Byakugan would have been able to see through his real motives and reveal his plans, and this could be the very reason why the Hidden Leaf Village was saved. Later, when he makes his bid for Hiruzen’s spot, he might have placed more protections during Tsunade’s coma to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

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There has been much debate over the possibility of Danzo’s death. While a majority of fans believe Danzo killed himself in hopes of taking down Sasuke, others believe it was the exhaustion from fighting with Sasuke that brought his end.

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