In the world of celebrities, it is not a surprise to see two famous people get friendly with each other and possibly strike up a long-term friendship. One great example of this is Taylor Swift and Emma Stone’s decade-long friendship.

The two are well-known and much praised for their talent in their respective field of entertainment. While Stone is considered an excellent actor, Swift has fans all over the world jamming to her songs. Discussing it, the La La Land actor once opened up about the relationship and even shared her thoughts on sharing a stage with her Pop star friend.

Emma Stone On Sharing a Stage With Long-Time Friend Taylor Swift

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

When it comes to their field of expertise, Taylor Swift and Emma Stone may be known for their different talents, however, both of them have dabbled in acting as well as singing. Stone who is an Oscar-winning actress, has had her fair share of singing works with the most famous being the musical film La La Land (2016). And similarly Swift has appeared in various films such as Valentine’s Day etc. The two celebrities have kept their friendship running for around a decade now.

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According to Stone as per MTV News, their personalities are way different from each other but despite that, they have easily struck up a friendship. After meeting each other for the first time, the Easy A star reportedly sent Swift an email telling her how much she loved her music, and with that, their friendship seemingly began to blossom. Since Stone has taken part in musical projects, it is natural to wonder about the two celebrities sharing a stage someday.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

And talking about this, the Oscar-winning actor recently opened up about her opinion on the idea with Vanity Fair saying,

“Oh, God, hell no”

And further, she explained why she thought so,

“I can’t sing, like, for a massive stadium. Let’s not even go down that road. She has insane talent — I could never do what she does.”

However, being a massive fan of her friend’s music, the actress asserted that she would love to attend the concerts more as an audience. It seems clear that she has huge respect for Swift’s musical and lyrical talent.

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More on Taylor Swift and Emma Stone’s Friendship

Emma Stone and Taylor Swift
Emma Stone and Taylor Swift

Being in the entertainment industry for such a long time together, Taylor Swift and Emma Stone easily struck a chord with each other in their teens. And their relationship has remained the same till today.

While opening up about their connection, Stone revealed that her friend had a “sick sense of humor” which she was glad people were able to get a glimpse of from Swift’s SNL skits. Similarly, the Anti-hero hitmaker has also mentioned the La La Land star in the list of actors she looked up to.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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