Soon after James Gunn announced that he had found his perfect star cast for the upcoming DCU reboot, fans were a bit hesitant to see Henry Cavill pass on the torch as he was one of the best actors to play Superman to date.

David Corenswet was roped in to play Superman, Rachel Brosnahan is Lois Lane, and Nicholas Hoult is the next Lex Luthor in the DCU helmed by Gunn. The filmmaker regularly shares updates about the movie’s progress and the actors’ preparation in adapting to the demanding roles in the burgeoning franchise.

Trainer Paul Mascitti Helps David Corenswet Get in Shape

David Corenswet
David Corenswet as Max Enders in The Greatest Hits

More than David Corenswet filling in Superman’s shoes, it will be important for him to fully fit into his iconic red and blue suit and don the cape. The superior physicality required to portray Superman on screen is massive with huge biceps that instantly echo strength and power, thus proving the super in his name. As soon as James Gunn cast Corenswet as Superman, the actor started working out to be in the best shape of his life.

Trainer Paul Mascitti was contacted to help Corenswet build more muscle and look like a proper hunk. They began working out after production began even though Corenswet was at it since he was cast. The trainer has helped him gain more weight, which will eventually be shredded as the workouts progress. The dedication and hard work Corenswet is putting in are commendable since juggling both the production schedule and such intense workouts together is a massive undertaking.

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Gunn recently shared a photo of Corenswet all decked up in the Superman suit that relieved fans’ worries about him being up for the task. The actor looks great in the suit, flaunting the muscles he has been working so hard on.

Mascitti, in a conversation with GQ, claims that there is healthy and friendly competition on set between Corenswet and Nicholas Hoult, who will be portraying Lex Luthor in the upcoming movie. Though touted to be villains, the two actors are on great terms in real life. However, unlike Corwnswet, Hoult is keeping his workouts private and training alone most of the time.

Paul Mascitti occasionally trained Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Hoult in The Menu

The trainer continued in the interview that he used to work with other actors on set whenever Corenswet got busy with his production schedule. So, when Superman was busy shooting his scenes, trainer Maccitti helped Hoult with his workout, ultimately sharing how impressed he was with The Menu actor’s progress and skill. Speaking about Hoult, Mascitti said,

“He works very hard. He’s not a skinny guy. He’s very, very strong, and he eats really well. We keep it fluid. There’s no specific plan, but they’re all welcome to join in with whatever we’re doing, whoever is there. “Nick is so easy going apart from when it comes to working out. He pushes himself and pushes himself. When I first met him I said Oh my God, this guy can do absolutely everything. I will throw weights at him, cardio, he smashes it all, he loves it all.”

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Seems like the villain is doing his best to give the Kryptonian hero a tough fight. It will be fun to see Corenswet and Hoult to toe to toe in Gunn’s Superman. The workout plan charted by Mascitti might not be for everyone, but it is definitely working to get the next Superman in incredible shape and even help Luthor flex his biceps once in a while.

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