One of the most recognizable martial arts stars in the world, Jackie Chan, real name Chang Kong-sang, is a successful actor, writer, director, and producer. The actor is regarded for being an exceptional stuntman, known for his slapstick acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and innovative stunts. Chan has been working in the industry since the 1960s and has appeared in nearly 150 movies, making him not only one of the most admired actors but also one of the most influential action stars.

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in 2010’s The Karate Kid | Sony Pictures Releasing

Because of his extraordinary achievements, Jackie Chan is one of the few celebrities who have been referenced in various books, movies, cartoons, video games, and pop songs. Apart from working in the industry, the actor has dedicated his time to doing good deeds, which makes him one of the most charitable celebrities. Jackie Chan was recently spotted dancing to Post Malone’s song, and it simply melted everyone’s hearts.

Jackie Chan films the new Karate Kid movie in Montreal

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s song Jaden Smith appeared together in 2010’s martial arts drama movie The Karate Kid, directed by Harald Zwart. The movie was based on a story conceived by Robert Mark Kamen, and it served as the fifth movie in the Karate Kid franchise.

Upon its release, the movie received positive comments from the audience and the critics. It went on to earn nearly $359 million on a budget of $40 million. The remake of the original Karate Kid from 1984, which moved the setting to China and the martial arts to Kung Fu, served as a standalone sequel to 1994’s The Next Karate Kid.

It was announced in November 2023 that Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio would be returning to their respective Karate Kid characters for a sequel, which is going to be directed by Jonathan Entwistle via Variety. Macchio played Daniel LaRusso in the original Karate Kid trilogy back in 1984 and then appeared in Netflix’s Cobra Kai series. Chan will return as Mr. Han.

Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio to return to The Karate Kid
Ralph Macchio in Cobra Kai | Netflix

According to the MT Blog, the actor was recently spotted in Montreal filming the sequel alongside Ben Wang, Macchio, and Ming-Na Wen. Ben Wang was reportedly finalized after worldwide casting for an American-born Chinese actor was announced for the lead. Chan was spotted walking towards the film set, shaking hands with the crew members. A Montreal-based production company, Grandé Studios, shared in April,

Karate Kid has begun production in our studios here in Montreal. We are honored to be hosting Sony Pictures and the amazing crew on this new film.

The plot of the movie is kept under wraps as the audience tries to understand how things will connect to the original franchise. However, fans were thrilled to know that both Macchio and Chan would reprise their characters for the upcoming sequel. The movie was scheduled for release on June 7, 2024, but due to strikes, the release date was postponed to next year.

Jackie Chan dances to Post Malone, Dzeko, and Tiësto’s song ‘Jackie Chan

A video that has been making the rounds on social media features Jackie Chan hosting a party in Montreal. What’s amazing about the video is the fact that the actor was spotted dancing to Post Malone, Dzeko, and Tiësto’s song ‘Jackie Chan’. Fans were quick to comment on their thoughts on the actor dancing to a song that was titled after his name.

A user wrote, ‘One of the rare celebrities that doesn’t have haters! You’ve got to love this man,’ while others mentioned that the video just gives off a wholesome vibe. A lot of users commented that they were sad to see the actor getting old but were delighted to see him doing well and having fun. Fans commented, ‘Legend’ under the video along with mentioning that they are looking forward to the new movie that actor has reportedly began filming in Montreal.

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in 2010's The Karate Kid
Jackie Chan danced to Post Malone’s song Jackie Chan | Sony Pictures Releasing

Jackie Chan is one of the few celebrities who is known to have no haters, as with his sheer dedication and focus on his work, he has managed to impress the audience and the critics. His philanthropic personality and the need to give back to society have made him one of the most admired actors.

One of the things that people admire about him is the respect he has for his work, cast, and crew. The actor’s humble nature has always impressed the audience and his co-stars, who have only had good things to say about him.

The new Karate Kid is scheduled for release on May 30, 2025.

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