As One Piece gears up for its return on May 26, Chapter 1115 spoilers are here already after an extensive break and an announcement of a spin-off novel. The spoilers disclose some heavy truths about the elusive Void Century.

The previous chapter of One Piece confirmed the death of the important character and genius scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, who broadcasted the truth about Imu and Mother Flame to the whole world. With the broadcast, Dr. Vegapunk paints a picture of the century-long time period that somehow has no recorded history.

Dr Vegapunk
One Piece: Dr Vegapunk | VIZ Media

Moreover, Joy Boy’s purpose and connections to the Void Century, which have plagued the minds of fans for a long time now, will finally be revealed soon.

One Piece Chapter 1115 Reveals The Happenings Of a War During The Void Century

Monkey D. Luffy
One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy | Crunchyroll

Reliable and renowned X user @pewpiece shared a scoop into the initial spoilers for the upcoming chapters that pave the way for future revelations that are going to come out later this week.

The upcoming chapters start off with the world’s reaction to Dr. Vegapunk’s message. He further reveals that Poneglyphs are perceived as records of history that expose the incidents of a massive battle that broke out during the Void Century.

Further delving into the details of the said war, Dr. Vegapunk claims that it pits two kinds of “ideas” against each other, but he cannot see which ideology is right. The cause of his inability to make the decision remains unclear.

One Piece Spoiler Will Reveal the Connection Between Joy Boy and Void Century

One Piece: The Gorosei | Crunchyroll

Meanwhile, Saint Marcus Mars uses his Conqueror’s Haki and knocks out some Transponder Snails, again seeking the sources of the broadcast, which ultimately remains unhindered. Also, Mars’ fellow mate Saint Ethanbaron C Nusjuro slashes down Punk Records with one strike, successfully releasing Seraphim.

Finally, the spoilers circle the ties between the Void Century and Joy Boy as he lays out that the latter’s defeat was a turning point in history, with the Void Century coming to an end. The war also had a life-altering impact on the world, as continents that existed 1,000 years ago were submerged under rising sea levels—as high as 200 meters.

As for the present scenario, Vegapunk states that their modern living conditions are due to these sinking continents, as they now live on their fragments. While one might believe that the war is over, Vegapunk dismissed this myth as well, claiming that ancient weapons would be instrumental in the action and are still around somewhere.

The final alleged spoiler concludes with the emergence of Imu’s face—still shrouded in darkness. The spoilers conclude by confirming that there will be no breaks for the series after this issue.

The One Piece anime series is currently available to stream on Prime Video and Crunchyroll. The live adaptation of One Piece is available on Netflix.

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