Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece, already declared his intention to become the King of Pirates in the very first episode. Over 1000 episodes later, he is still going strong and on his way to finally achieving his dreams.

However, as the story enters its final arc, some mysteries are yet to be unveiled. Questions like who is the elusive figure of Imu and who will be the one to take on the Gorosei remain to be seen. Although Luffy has defeated some strong opponents on the Grand Line, some characters may be too challenging to defeat.

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While Imu’s existence has been kept a secret within the government and the world at large, the Gorosei have already proved their threat to Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, the real question is whether Luffy is destined to defeat Imu and the Gorosei.

Ace Was Supposed To Be The Chosen One To Defeat The Gorosei

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An X user posted recently theorizing that the Lunarians were eradicated by Imu and the Gorosei because they held the weakness to their regeneration. This would further play into the narrative that Ace was supposed to be the ‘Chosen One’ since he had the Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit that would oppose them physically.

This would also explain why Sabo escaped and Saturn turned into his human form in the Mother Flame room, though it could also be to prevent unnecessary damage. However, this implies that Luffy is not the destined one to defeat Imu and the Gorosei. Rather, it was Ace, given his powers. How the fight is going to play out from here on, will be revealed in the later chapters of One Piece.

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While some naysayers believe that flame is not a weakness of the Gorosei, another X user claims that the theory makes perfect sense since St. Saturn was not in his Zoan form when he was down in the Mother Flame lab.

Why Were The Lunarians Killed?

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The most important revelation about the Lunarians is that they were once considered to be the Gods of the One Piece world. This bit of information was first mentioned by Whitebeard, and fans got to see it when Marco, the former First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, was reminiscing about this event.

According to Whitebeard, real Gods used to exist in the One Piece world, who resided atop the Red Line and held tremendous powers. However, the Lunarian race has completely vanished somehow. This is likely to do with the World Government and the eradication of the Ancient Kingdom and its allies. But the X user’s post suggests that they were killed by the Gorosei because they possessed the power of flames.

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The Lunarians can manipulate fire at will, which is one of their greatest abilities. Every member of the Lunarian race can create fire from their bodies. This fire can then be used to either coat themselves or burn others near them. If the flame is actually a weakness of the Gorosei, then it can be concluded that they had a hand in eradicating the Lunarians.

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