Eiichiro Oda is on the verge of revealing some big bombs that have been a debate among fans for years. In the One Piece chapter 1114, in the egghead arc, dr. Vegapunk can be seen urging the citizens to question their history, that’s been lost for ages. 

That history holds some of the very questions on the relationship between the World Government and the Pirate. During the revelation, Oda exposed Sun God Nika as a resident of Elbaf, a Giant dwelling island. At the same time, Vegapunk mentioned Joy Boy as the first Pirate who “fought with a stretchy and elastic body” like Nika, personifying them as two different entities. 

However, he may have some more surprises in store that can link two worst-generation candidates against Imu, one of the mysterious characters of One Piece who maintains a high authority that even five elders follow unquestionably. 

Bonney could Luffy in fight against Gorosei 

Compared to other Worst Generation members, Jewelry Bonney has not gotten much spotlight in the series. Despite her brief appearances she managed to remain of fan’s curiosity due to being the only female captain of a pirate crew, except Big Mom. 

However, she’s playing a pivotal role in the ongoing Egghead Saga, pairing with Luffy and his friends. In this arc, fans also learned about her emphatic backstory. However, that occurrence could be a clue from author Eiichiro Oda that Luffy may not be the only special one

One Piece Chapter 1101 | Viz Media
One Piece Chapter 1101 | Viz Media

“… Gimme a Nika-Ish future !!”Jewelry Bonney

As we know, Luffy’s Gear 5 gives him the power to counter reality itself, the only setback of his power is the user’s imagination. The more liberation he’ll be the more powerful its effect will have. However, in chapter 1101, after getting caught by the Navy, she remembers a past story once told by his father. 

She got herself freed from captivation. The power she used seemed very similar to Luffy and partially Nika-type. Not to mention, his ability to alter the age of herself and others is also a mystery that questions reality. Given the bond between Bonnie and Luffy in the present saga, she could age Luffy to his prime to help him defeat at least one of the Gorosei. 

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Boonie didn’t become a Pirate for One Piece

Who doesn’t want the greatest and rarest treasure of the World, especially a Pirate? Well, unlike Luffy, Bonnie became a pirate for a personal reason and that is not One Piece. According to chapter 1100, Oda revealed that Bonney is the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma. However, at a very young age, she had a rare disease called, Sapphire Scales, a rare disease that can lead to stone skinning in exposure to any kind of light. The only cure for it, the stem cell transplant, was known by Dr. Vegapunk. 

One Piece Chapter 1100 | Viz Media
One Piece Chapter 1100 | Viz Media

“I’m so grateful!! I’ll accept any fate… so long Bonney is cured,” Kuma said. 

So, Kuma decided to give himself up to the Government in exchange for Bonnie’s cure but without her knowledge. She did get cured but Kuma has to pay the price. Away from family and friends in the Revolutionary group, Kuma did everything the Government asked for, even to withstand the horrible treatment by Dragons. 

Bonnie later gets his Toshi Toshi no Mi and decides to search for his father, it’ll not be shocking if she becomes a strong ally with Luffy against the World government.  

One Piece chapter 1102 | Viz media
One Piece Chapter 1102 | Viz Media

“I believe… It’ll be him [Monkey D. Luffy]” – Kuma

On the other hand, it seems Kuma also has faith in Luffy. He believes Luffy will stand against the atrocities that are done by the government and Dragons in the name of Justice. Although that scenario doesn’t likely come soon. Some big bubbles need to be busted about One Piece’s true history involving Sun God Nika and Joy Boy before moving forward.

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