One of the trademark features of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece series is that the Devil Fruits deprives its users of the ability to swim but grants them special powers. However, upon achieving significant mastery over one’s Devil Fruit, the user can “awaken” their Devil Fruit powers, which provide much greater and more effective abilities connected to the specific Devil Fruit.

Depending on the type of power the user exhibits, Devil Fruits can be classified into three categories: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. Out of the three types of Devil Fruits in One Piece, Paramecia-type Devil Fruits are the most common.

Devil Fruits
Devil Fruits in One Piece

Paramecia users can alter their surroundings or their own bodies to perform bizarre feats, as well as to manipulate and generate substances. Some Paramecia Devil Fruits in One Piece even grant time-manipulating powers, which could be truly dreadful in the hands of a powerful Haki user.

As of One Piece Chapter #1099, it has been revealed that Kozuki Toki is not the only Devil Fruit user who can manipulate time. Here are the five time-manipulating Devil Fruit users, including Toki.

No. 1: Kozuki Toki (Time-Time Fruit)

Kozuki Toki
Kozuki Toki in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

Kozuki Toki is the wife of the late Kozuki Oden, as well as the mother of Momonosuke and Hiyori. She was born around 830 years before One Piece’s current narration. As the user of the Time-Time Fruit, she could send herself, or anyone else, years or even decades into the future.

Toki’s Devil Fruit ability only allowed her to go forward in time and prevented her from going back in time. Thus, any travel made to the future would be completely irreversible. She used the Time-Time Fruit several times, traveling for a total of eight centuries.

Toki generally used her power to escape from dangerous situations by reaching a future totally removed from the past. Hence, she lived through many different eras. In her last travel, she met Oden, whom she eventually married.

After her husband’s death, she used the Time-Time Devil Fruit to send her son, Momonosuke, twenty years into the future to help them escape from the Beasts Pirates. Toki died during the arson of Oden’s castle, which means someone else got their hands on the Time-Time Devil Fruit.

No. 2: Shinobu (Ripe-Ripe Fruit)

Shinobu in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

Shinobu is a veteran kunoichi who joined the Kozuki family and is well-versed in shurikenjutsu and stealth moves. Her tasks mostly revolve around espionage and escape techniques, so her Devil Fruit power matches her capabilities perfectly.

Using the Ripe-Ripe Fruit, Shinobu can make anything she touches, including living beings, mature rapidly. If the process is not stopped, the target decays. Moreover, the effect cannot be reversed, so any target she touches won’t be able to return to its original state.

During the Onigashima Raid, 8-year-old Mononosuke asked Shinobu to use her Devil Fruit powers on him to make him an adult. Shinobu agrees and fulfills his wish, using Ripe-Ripe fruit to instantly age up Momonosuke’s body.

However, the change did not alter Mononosuke’s brain, so although his body developed into that of an adult’s, he still had the mind of an eight-year-old.

No. 3: Jewelry Bonney (Age-Age Fruit)

Jewelry Bonney
Jewelry Bonney in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

As one of the Worst Generation’s Eleven Supernovas, the greatest rookie pirates, Bonney is the most accomplished time-manipulating character in One Piece to this day. As the owner of the Age-Age Fruit, Bonney can manipulate the aging process of any target as long as she can touch it.

Although her powers work on both organic and inorganic matter, the age manipulation only has a temporary effect on living beings. When Bonney hits a human target with her Devil Fruit abilities, it causes the person’s body to rapidly increase and decrease their age.

In order to weaken or disable her enemies, Bonney turns them into little kids or elderly people, which drastically lowers their battle prowess. With her Age Skewer technique, Bonney can infuse the Age-Age Fruit’s powers into a weapon. Meanwhile, the Aging Shock allows her to age a metallic object.

Bonney can also use the abilities on herself, altering her age to conceal and infiltrate places, or turning herself into a child during a fight to make her opponents drop their guards. Additionally, she can use Distorted Future to age herself up into a different future, and change her body accordingly.

No. 4: Foxy (Slow-Slow Fruit)

Foxy in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

A person who has the Slow-Slow Devil Fruit will become a “Slowpoke Human” who can emit special particles called Noroma Photons. When Noroma Photons come in contact with anything, living or non-living, the affected gets noticeably slower for 30 seconds.

Potentially, this Devil Fruit is a genuine threat in battle as using it successfully would allow the user to move freely while their enemy is basically immobilized for half a minute. Hence, the user has more than enough time to inflict lethal damage. The person trapped in the state of slow motion will be affected by similar attacks until the time expires, which means the user can strike multiple times.

However, Foxy is a pretty weak character and lacks the prowess to fully exploit the potential of his Devil Fruit powers. However, in the hands of a powerful Yonko Commander-level fighter or a top-tie individual, the Slow-Slow Devil Fruit would be a lethal asset. For now, Foxy is content to use his powers to perform weird moves within the context of the Davy Back Fight games.

No. 5: Ain (Return-Return Fruit)

Ain in One Piece Z (Credits: Toei Animation)

Owned by Ain, a former Navy officer who became the second-in-command in Z’s Neo Marines, the Return-Return Fruit can force anything and anyone she struck to return twelve years younger. Ain’s abilities allow her to weaken or incapacitate her opponents and affect the surroundings similar to how Bonney uses her Devil Fruit.

However, the Return-Return Fruit only allows her to decrease the age, while Bonney’s Age-Age fruit can be used to increase or decrease the age of any object or person. Using the Return-Return Fruit’s abilities enough times on the same person, the individual could be killed by being erased from existence. In a similar way, objects can also be destroyed.

Ain can use her abilities from a distance, generating energy balls through which she can activate her powers. Ain is also creative with her Devil Fruit powers; she can use them to revert the surroundings to their original state which can prove to be disadvantageous or harmful for her enemies.

Using the combination of her powers and intelligence, Ain was able to easily defeat Nami and Chopper. She also subdued Brook and Nico Robin, but when she tried to use her powers to affect the surroundings to engage Roronoa Zoro, she proved to be no match for the swordsman and was easily defeated.

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